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Madagascar political crisis: top court orders formation of unity government

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Ireland's abortion referendum

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Weinstein in court; Ireland abortion vote; Italy's populist takeover

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Sugar and spice: The flavours of the French Caribbean

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The French are so rude! Or are they?

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Video: After key battle, Syrian town of Kobane looks to the future

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The writing's on the wall: Revolutionary posters from May 68

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'We heard there might be a civil war': May 68 seen from abroad

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#THE 51%

U.S. mid-terms: Record number of women running and winning primaries

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Latest update : 2016-12-09

Greece hands out Christmas bonuses

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced a Christmas bonus for pensioners after another round of protests. Also, the ECB says it will tweak its quantitative easing programme but extend its bond-buying scheme until the end of 2017. Meanwhile, McDonalds moves its non-US headquarters out of Luxembourg and into the UK, just days after an EU Commission investigation into its tax deals in the Grand Duchy kicked off. And we tell you why flights in the US might be getting a lot noisier.

By Fernande VAN TETS


2018-05-25 privacy

GDPR: What it means for you and EU businesses

The General Data Protection Regulation takes effect in the EU this Friday - but what does it mean for consumers and companies? We take a closer look. Plus, Mexico says it won't...

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2018-05-24 technology

Viva Technology conference opens in Paris as Macron seeks French dominance

FRANCE 24's James Creedon reports from the opening of the Viva Technology conference in Paris, where President Emmanuel Macron is looking to solidify France's place as a tech...

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2018-05-23 banking

US Congress rolls back some crisis-era bank regulation

The US Congress has approved a bill which will roll back some banking regulations passed in the wake of the financial crisis. The Dodd-Frank rules aimed to avoid a repeat of the...

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2018-05-22 music industry

$2.3bn for two million songs: Sony buys majority stake in EMI

Sony has acquired a controlling stake in EMI Music. The $2.3 billion deal will see the Japanese firm add songs from artists such as Queen and Sia to its catalogue. Also today, we...

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2018-05-21 China

US-China trade war is 'on hold'

The US and China put their trade war "on hold" with an agreement to forgo punitive tariffs. Also today: thousands of jobs at French supermarket chain Carrefour are at risk, and a...

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