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Courting young voters

Latest update : 2008-04-11

Well aware of the importance of young voters in Italy's upcoming elections, some parties choose to canvass in nightclubs and now present candidates under 30. (Reportage: A. Masciarelli, C. Valerio, M. Taricco)


Italian voters go to the polls on Sunday and Monday to elect members of Parliament. France 24’s journalists join us to explain the issues and analyse the results of the vote.


Politicians belonging to Northern League, an anti-immigration and nationalist party, are going out of their way to convince young Italians to vote for them. In a nightclub in Carru, south of Torino, the party organized a catwalk while politicians shouted out populist slogans to attract young voters. Roberto Cota, a Northern League MP, says “Our youngsters are more interested in politics than some are trying to tell us. For example, defending the identity of the territory is an argument that they strongly believe in.”


Other political parties are following suit. The new centre-left Democratic Party led by Walter Veltroni, is presenting several under 30 candidates. 27-year-old Marianna Madia, says her inexperience is not necessarily a disadvantage. “Inexperience doesn’t necessarily mean incompetence. There's a need to face crucial issues in a more humble way.”


Rarely has been so much talk about youth during an electoral campaign in Italy. Youngsters, starting a career, today dream of change in a country where the economy is slowing down, where family pressure and patronage often block brighter perspectives.

Date created : 2008-04-10