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Iran resumes anti-feminist backlash

Latest update : 2008-04-23

Women's rights campaigner Nahid Jafari became the third female activist to receive a suspended flogging and jail sentence in recent months, after an Iranian revolutionary court found her guilty of disturbing public order.

Iran has given a women's rights activist a suspended flogging and jail sentence for disturbing the public order, a press report said on Wednesday.
A revolutionary court has sentenced activist Nahid Jafari to a suspended 10 lashes and six months in jail -- the third such sentence to be handed down to an Iranian women's rights activist in recent months.
"The court has cleared her of two charges of seeking to harm national security and defying the police, but she was found guilty of disturbing public order," her lawyer Zohreh Arzani told the reformist Etemad newspaper.
Arzani said that the sentence would be suspended for two years. A similar suspended sentence has been given to fellow rights activist Nasrin Afzali on the same accusations, it emerged on Monday.
Jafari was arrested arrested in March 2007 along with 32 other women in front of a revolutionary court where five women's rights activists were on trial for organising a protest in a Tehran square advocating equal rights.
Iran has put mounting pressure on women's rights advocates, and in recent months several have been arrested for calling for changes to Iranian laws that discriminate against women or for taking part in public protests.
The five feminists were accused of acting against national security for the June 2006 demonstration in Haft-e Tir square, where 70 people were arrested amid allegations of police brutality.
Leading activist Marzieh Mortazi Langroudi was given a suspended sentence of 10 lashes and six months in prison in February for taking part in the solidarity protest outside the revolutionary court.
Protesters demanded equal rights for women in marriage, divorce, inheritance and child custody.

Date created : 2008-04-23