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Atom Egoyan's 'Adoration' - overambitious?

Latest update : 2008-05-23

With a complicated chronology and provocative ideas, "Adoration" by Canada’s Atom Egoyan is an intriguing film. But does it work?

'Adoration' : Atom Egoyan

Canadian director Atom Egoyan presented his latest film, “Adoration,” at the Cannes Film Festival Thursday night. This is Egoyan's fifth go at the Cannes competition, and his latest offering left the audience divided. 


Adoration” is the story of an orphaned adolescent who is encouraged by his teacher to invent a convoluted story about his parents. He concocts a fictional account of his father planting a bomb in his mother's suitcase to perpertrate a terrorist attack, then takes the story onto the internet - and fiction turns into reality. 


Egoyan's film moves in two narrative streams - the first being the real story of the adolescent, whose parents were killed in a car accident. The second is the invented story about the planted bomb. 


Complicated? Yes - probably the only element on which the audience agreed upon. Although “Adoration” is a compelling document on modern society -  technology breaking up traditional human ties, solitude in a world where religious intolerance is increasing - the film fails to flow smoothly. 


Nevertheless, the script is well constructed, and may even get the Best Screenplay prize for Egoyan.


Unless, of course, a dark horse comes along. 



Check out web correspondent Arnab Banerjee’s video blog.

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Date created : 2008-05-23