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Irish 'no': your reactions

Latest update : 2008-07-09's visitors reacted enthusiastically to the rejection of the Lisbon treaty by Irish voters. Many expressed their agreement with Irish voters.

Irishman Michael Wallace wrote in to explain why he had chosen the No side. "I vote no against tax. Sooner or later eurocrats will want to bring in an American-styled tax system where we will be paying both state and federal tax and this is not acceptable we are already taxed enough and get little in return".

Briton Geoff Comer thanked Irish voters for opposing the Lisbon treaty: an opportunity his fellow countrymen will not have. "The lying hounds in the Labour Party promised us a referendum which we never had", wrote "The result would have been a resounding 'no'. We are sick and tired of EU interference in our daily lives. We agreed to a common market, not to a dictatorial political juggernaut. The sooner it all folds the better it will be!"

Others, like Rod Evans, expressed disappointment at the result. “What are people so afraid of? We need a strong united Europe to counterbalance the large and looming presences in the rest of the world”, he wrote.

Pat, for his part, wrote that "Europe must go ahead with the countries that ratify Lisbon – you must be in or out, European or not. 100,000 people must not hold Europe to ransom."

While happy with the result, several visitors did not see it as a major blow to the European ideal: "In my opinion this is nothing but a small setback for European reform. Irish people are very committed to Europe but not at any cost. The biggest problems around this treaty stem from the lack of clear explanations as to what the affects were and that other European countries were not allowing their populations the vote on it too", wrote AJ.



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Date created : 2008-06-13