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Expelled from Canada, drug baron Coluccio jailed in Rome

Latest update : 2008-08-20

A convicted drug boss considered one of Italy's most wanted criminals has been extradited to Italy from Canada. On the run since 2005, Giuseppe Coluccio, 42, is accused of drug trafficking, extortion and mafia association.

Giuseppe Coluccio, considered a powerful drug boss allegedly involved in cocaine and heroin trafficking between Latin America and Europe, was jailed in Rome Wednesday, after he was expelled from Canada following his arrests on August 7.

On the run since 2005, Coluccio, 42, is accused of drug trafficking, extortion and mafia association. An international arrest warrant had been issued against him by the anti-mafia prosecutor of Reggio Calabre, a region in southern Italy.

According to an Italian press report, Coluccio was in possession of 1.5 million Canadian dollars when he was arrested in a luxurious apartment in Toronto.

Italian investigators say Coluccio has been a leading figure in international drug trafficking scene since the early 1990s as the head of one of the ‘Ndrangheta clans, the violent Calabrian mafia.

According to their investigations, the drug baron had established ‘close links’ with the Sicilian mafia, through Giuseppe Cuntrera, another fugitive also reported to live in Canada.

Coluccio is also accused of having organized a drug trafficking network with a Turkish criminal organization transporting narcotics on fishing boats belonging to the ‘Ndrangheta towards the Calabrian coast.

Anti-mafia authorities consider the ‘Ndrangheta one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Italy.

A 2008 report by the Italian political institute Eurispes concluded that the ‘Ndrangheta earned 44 billion euros in revenues last year, mostly from drug trafficking, but also prostitution, arms trafficking, extortion and public contracts in the building industry.

Date created : 2008-08-20