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Diary from Denver

Latest update : 2008-09-01

A team of France 24 reporters is in Denver, Colorado, to cover the Democratic Party convention. Read some of their first-hand experiences.

Read our correspondent’s first-hand experiences at the Republican Convention in St. Paul



Thursday, August 28

Day Three - Catherine Galloway

Finding yourself in a room with Barack Obama is a bit of a shock. Okay, I was sharing that experience with some 15 thousand others and, okay, we'd been hearing rumbles all afternoon that the freshly-minted Democratic presidential nominee was indeed in Denver already. Nonetheless, it was still incredible to see him just walk out on to the stage in front of us after reading and talking about him, after tracking him and analysing him, for all these months. The Pepsi Center just errupted into screams, whistles, gasps and shouts of  "O-bam-a, O-bam-a". He grinned, and gave us just a little taster of what's in store tomorrow at Invesco Field Stadium, where I'll be watching him alongside a capacity crowd of 75 thousand others. Earlier today I'd had another brush with Barack, interviewing one of his childhood friends from high school in Hawaii. He's now a Democratic delegate and a grassroots activist for Obama's campaign - one of the few who can remember everything from Barack's teenage haircut to his style on the basketball court. Watch out for that interview in our special convention coverage on Friday!



Wednesday, August 27

Day Two - Catherine Galloway

She called them "my sisterhood of the travelling pantsuits" - Hillary Clinton's core supporters who tonight were out in force, wiping tears from their eyes, and wishing - again - that it had turned out differently. She asked them directly: "Were you in this campaign just for me?" Some of the real Hill Hard Core will have muttered "yes" to that but, overall, Senator Clinton has managed to direct her 18 million voices into cheering for Barack Obama. Job done, and with panache. This still hurts like hell, but it won't be Hillary Clinton's last prime-time convention moment - three out of four Democrats say they do want her to run again. To achieve that, she had to deliver unity tonight. And, as one Obama fan told me, "The Clintons never go away for long". As we all filed out of the Pepsi Center, many had their "Hillary" signs clutched tightly in their hands - souvenirs for now, but also a promise for the future.


Tuesday, August 26

Day One - Catherine Galloway

Day One in Denver and we've had delegates in tears listening to Michelle Obama; delegates in multi-coloured customised costumes queuing up to buy their Barack Obama bumper stickers, playing cards and golf tees; and delegates in their element - networking with Democratic colleagues from across the country, shouting happily "I'll see you on the floor" as they head off to the main convention hall in the Pepsi Center.  The bustle and the jubiliation today was palpable, but so was the expectation - particularly from the die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters, determined to be "acknowledged", to win a last bit of recognition for their candidate.  They are waiting for Barack Obama to tell them, specifically and sincerely, "I need you". One delegate from Texas told me a message like that is the only way that she'll get over her "heartbreak" that Hillary did not win the party nomination.  So these early days in Denver won't be plain sailing, even if, eventually, the Hill's Angels will (mostly) fall into line.  Stay tuned for Hillary's prime time speech on Tuesday night ....

Date created : 2008-08-26