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Rwanda expels German envoy

Text by AFP

Latest update : 2008-11-11

The arrest of Rose Kabuye in Frankfurt over the killing of Rwanda's former president prompted Kigale to expel the German envoy and recall its own from Berlin on Tuesday, as thousands protested outside the German embassy in the capital.

Rwanda expelled Germany's ambassador to Kigali on Tuesday and recalled its own ambassador from Berlin in anger at the arrest of a top Rwandan official in Frankfurt.
"Rwanda's ambassador to Germany was recalled today for consultations," Rwandan Information Minister Louise Mushikiwabo told AFP.
"The Rwandan government told the German ambassador to leave within 48 hours until the arrest of Kabuye is resolved.
"The ambassador should leave the country by Thursday," added Mushikiwabo, who is also the government's chief spokeswoman.
Rose Kabuye, Rwandan President Paul Kagame's chief of protocol, was arrested on Sunday by police in Germany -- acting on a French warrant -- on suspicion of involvement in the killing of Rwanda's former president Juvenal Habyarimana.
Habyarimana's killing is widely seen as having triggered the 1994 genocide in which nearly 800,000 people in a three-month period.
Kabuye's arrest has sparked outrage in the tiny central African nation, itself poised to issue indictments and arrest warrants against 23 French military and political officials over their suspected role in the genocide.
On Monday, several thousands of demonstrators marched to the German embassy in the capital Kigali and the offices of the Deutsche Welle, Germany's national broadcaster.
On Tuesday, around a thousand youths demonstrated in front of the French cultural centre in Kigali, which has been closed since Rwanda broke diplomatic ties with France in November 2006.
Officials have said that a demonstration of women could also take place on Wednesday.
Kabuye is the first Rwandan to be arrested out of nine warrants issued by  issued by French anti-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere in 2006 against close Kagame aides whom the judge suspects of being behind Habyarimana's death.

Date created : 2008-11-11