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2009 edition: Argentina-Chile

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-01-08

The grueling rally-raid is to start on Saturday, January 3rd. Nine thousand five hundred kilometres of sand, rocks and majestic landscapes await the pilots ready to take on the South American continent.

Click on the interactive map to look at the stages' results


Dakar 2009 tracks Photo : ASO

Stage 1 - Saturday, January 3
Buenos Aires > Santa Rosa

Connection: 196 km | Special: 371 km | Connection: 166 km | Total: 733 km
Type of ground: fastest portion of the race with over 400km of rolling routes crossing the Argentinian Pampas' vast plains.

Stage 2 - Sunday, January 4
Santa Rosa > Puerto Madryn

Connection: 0 km | Special: 237 km | Connection: 600 km | Total: 837 km
Type of ground: longest stage of the rally. starting with a rapid first part followed by the foretaste of sand.

Stage 3 - Monday, January 5
Puerto Madryn > Jacobacci

Connection: 70 km | Special: 616 km | Connection: 8 km | Total: 694 km
Type of ground: entry into Patagonia with more hills and long curves.

Stage 4 - Tuesday, January 6
Jacobacci > Neuquen

Connection: 4 km | Special: 459 km | Connection: 25 km | Total: 488 km
Type of ground: rocky passageways along Argentinian 'rios' with first real portion of sands

Stage 5 - Wednesday, January 7
Neuquen > San Rafael

Connection: 173 km | Special: 506 km | Connection: 84 km | Total: 763 km
Type of ground: 20km-long sand dunes alternate with technical sections in the tracks following 'rios'. First sight of the Andes.

Stage 6 - Thursday, January 8
San Rafael > Mendoza

Connection: 76 km | Special: 395 km | Connection: 154 km | Total: 625 km
Type of ground: 60km of sand dunes first. Entry into the foothills of the Andes mountain range.

Stage 7 - Friday, January 9
Mendoza (ARG) > Valparaiso (CHL)

Connection: 80 km | Special: 419 km | Connection: 317 km | Total: 816 km
Type of ground: variety of landscapes with rocks, mountains, dusty sands at 3,000m above the sea level.

Rest day in Valparaiso - Saturday, January 10

Stage 8 - Sunday, January 11
Valparaiso > La Serena

Connection: 245 km | Special: 294 km | Connection: 113 km | Total: 652 km
Type of ground: mid-range mountain roads that will fulfill driver hotshots.

Stage 9 - Monday, January 12
La Serena > Copiapo

Connection: 88 km | Special: 449 km | Connection: 0 km | Total: 537 km
Type of ground: Atacama desert with dunes, rocks, and numerous changes of terrain amid extreme temperatures.

Stage 10 - Tuesday, January 13
Copiapo > Copiapo

Connection: 20 km | Special: 666 km | Connection: 0 km | Total: 686 km
Type of ground: series of dunes that stretch over 100km. Longest special of the rally.

Stage 11 - Wednesday, January 14
Copiapo > Fiambala

Connection: 20 km | Special: 215 km | Connection: 445 km | Total: 680 km
Type of ground: majestic Andean landscapes with views over the Pacific Ocean. No access for assistance vehicules at Fiambala bivouac.

Stage 12 - Thursday, January 15
Fiambala > La Rioja

Connection: 4 km | Special: 253 km | Connection: 261 km | Total: 518 km
Type of ground: various sands, from dark to dusty white.

Stage 13 - Friday, January 16
La Rioja > Cordoba

Connection: 161 km | Special: 545 km | Connection: 47 km | Total: 753 km
Type of ground: drive among cacti on dry lanscape before Pampas.

Stage 14 - Saturday, January 17
Cordoba > Buenos Aires

Connection: 224 km | Special: 227 km | Connection: 341 km | Total: 792 km
Type of ground: back to the hills and curvy landscape of the Argentinian Pampas.

Date created : 2008-12-31