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World mobile phone conference to kick off in Barcelona

Text by Sébastian SEIBT , Nicolas DE SCITIVAUX , special correspondents in Barcelona

Latest update : 2009-10-19

In Barcelona, everyone speaks Catalan but, at the world telecommunications conference, people speak “mobile phone” dialect. It's a technological language, and not a simple one at that.

In Barcelona, everyone speaks Catalan but, at the world telecommunications conference, people speak the dialect of “mobile phone.” It’s a dialect of the technological world, and not a simple one at that. The acronyms and technical terms are enough to give one a migraine.


Even the official name of the convention, World GSMA, is offputting enough. It refers to the accepted term for mobile phone communications – Global System for Mobile Communication.  The ‘A’ stands for Association.


Confused? It gets worse. HSUPA, G1, 3G (sometimes with a +), Symbian, Li-on. Everyone here speaks it. Do you?


HSUPA - 100% geekspeak. It refers to high-speed uploads, to allow mobile phones to send videos to YouTube at great speed.


G1 – Almighty Google in mobile phone format. It’s the first phone created by HTC with a system customized for Google usage.


3G – the Rolls Royce of mobile phone connectivity. You need a 3G (or 3G+)  mobile phone. Useless for a simple phone call, though.


Symbian – the branch of Nokia devoted to smartphones. It refers to an operating system created by the Finnish company, analogous to Windows or Android, that runs smartphones.


Li-on – allows for extended phone use. It is a lithium and ion battery that allows one to use a mobile phone three times longer than a longer battery would permit.


You want more? It’s coming soon – live from Barcelona.


Date created : 2009-02-14