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Death threats mailed to Sarkozy, other French politicians

Latest update : 2009-03-04

A death-threat letter containing a 9mm bullet was sent to French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the end of last week, anti-terrorist forces announced on Tuesday. Other politicians such as Alain Juppé and Rachida Dati received the same threat.

AFP - French anti-terrorism police are investigating death threats against President Nicolas Sarkozy and nine other politicians who were sent letters containing bullets, officials said Tuesday.
The threatening letters were sent to Sarkozy, Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, Justice Minister Rachida Dati and Culture Minister Christine Albanel, the prosecutor's office said.
Identical copies of a 20-line typed letter accompanied by pistol bullets were also sent to former prime minister Alain Juppe and several other members of Sarkozy's UMP party, it added.
Juppe said he was not losing any sleep over the threat.
"These are the risks of the job," he told journalists in Bordeaux, where he is mayor. "It's not the first time nor is it the last I suppose, so I am absolutely calm."
"I have been threatened for so many things and for so many reasons that escape me."
Juppe said he had not read the threatening letter in detail. "When you start reading anonymous letters in politics, you are not out of the woods. You really do have to take a step back."
The letter, seen by AFP, was littered with spelling mistakes and contained mostly incoherent and offensive language directed at Sarkozy, his ministers and other right-wing or centrist politicians.
The bullets contained in them were either .38 calibre or nine millimetre.

Date created : 2009-03-04