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YouTube breaks monthly US visitors record

Latest update : 2009-03-05

Over 100 million US visitors watched 6.4 billion clips on YouTube in January, a new record for Google's video-sharing platform. Fox Interactive, owner of MySpace, came in second with "only" 552 million videos seen.

AFP - The number of US Internet users watching videos at YouTube hit a new monthly high in January, topping 100 million as it dominated the online video arena, according to comScore.
The overall number of videos watched online in the US in January climbed 4 percent from the previous month to 14.8 billion, with YouTube viewing accounting for 91 percent of that growth, comScore reported Wednesday.
Google-owned websites, predominantly YouTube, ranked at the top of the US online video heap with 6.4 billion snippets watched during the month, according to comScore.
Fox Interactive Media, which owns online social-networking service MySpace, had the second highest number of videos viewed - 552 million.
Yahoo! online destinations were third with 374 million videos watched, the industry tracking group reported.
Approximately 147 million US Internet users watched an average of 101 online videos each in January, with 102 million of those people using Google-owned sites, according to comScore.
Ninety-nine percent of the video viewing at Google websites took place at YouTube, comScore reported.
Fox Interactive saw the second highest number of online viewers, attracting 62.1 million people. MySpace accounted for 54.1 million of those online video watchers.
Yahoo! and Microsoft websites ranked third and fourth with 41.9 million and 30 million viewers respectively.
A typical duration of video snippets viewed was said to be 3.5 minutes.
There was a 15 percent surge in visits in January to Megavideo, pushing the website into the top ten list for the first time, according to comScore.
Videos viewed at Megavideo reportedly averaged nearly 25 minutes each.

Date created : 2009-03-05