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Cassez case provokes strong reaction online

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-03-10

In this edition: Mexican bloggers reacts to the sensitive case of Frenchwoman Florence Cassez as President Nicolas Sarkozy visits the country. Plus, the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan failed uprising mobilises the blogosphere.



Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla began an official visit to Mexico. An opportunity for the French President to raise the case of Florence Cassez.


Sentenced to prison for 60 years in Mexico for kidnapping and possession of weapons, that she denies, the Frenchwoman asked Nicolas Sarkozy for help as heard in this audio clip.  


The site «Free Florence Cassez " posts on-line all the reports on the case and a letter dictated by the young woman in December. A group on Facebook was also created and has 2 500 members.

In this interview posted on the net, Bernard Cassez, the father of Florence, expresses his hope to see his daughter return to France.


An outcome rejected by Mexican public opinion that is very sensitive to cases of kidnappings, a curse in the country. Here, Mexicans interviewed in the street say that she has to serve her sentence and indeed she deserves the death sentence.




50 years ago, March 10th, 1959 the Tibetan uprising was violently repressed by Chinese communist troops, with the current Dalai Lama fleeing to India.


A remembrance with huge tension as emphasised by this blogger. He explains that exceptional measures were taken by Chinese authorities to keep it in check: intensified security and no-entry for tourists.


Many videos supporting Tibet also appeared on sharing sites over recent days, honouring the fight the people lead for their independence.


Several demonstrations were organized worldwide this weekend, like this one in London. Objective: For China to stop its repression in Tibet and grant Tibetan people more freedom notably that they may practice their religion.


But for this Chinese net user, the situation is not that bad. She says that Tibet has benefited by being opened up with progress and prosperity thanks to China.


Here is one of the videos creating the on-line buzz. A cartoon created by the Israeli association Gisha that acts for peace in the Palestinian territories. The cartoon’s hero is a young man who tries desperately to get out of Gaza but is systematically blocked by a huge hand representing the Israeli State.


YouTube and Universal Music Group are currently in talks to create a site to distribute video clips. The idea would be to provide a space on the net for distribution of musical videos but only those with top of the range content. Called Vevo, the site would also sell tickets for concerts or associated products.


Date created : 2009-03-10