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State of emergency on Jolo Island worries the Web

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-04-01

Internet users express their anxiety about the state of emergency on the island of Jolo in the Philippines. Also in our daily review of the Web: denouncing the attack on a police academy in Lahore, Pakistan.


In the Philippines, a state of emergency was declared on the island of Jolo, where Islamist rebels have threatened to execute one of three employees of the Red Cross they are detaining if the government does not relinquish control of the region to them. The Web reacts.

Through videos like this one, Net users have joined the president of the Red Cross in his appeal to the activists of the Islamist group Abou Sayyaf to release the hostages.

This blogger reminds us that this is the third time rebels have threatened to execute hostages. According to this Filipino, their main objective is to get a ransom in order to finance their holy war.

The group suspected of being linked to al Qaeda posted videos on its You Tube channel, explaining that its aim is to create an Islamic state on the islands in the south of the Philippines, a country that has a Catholic majority.

This civil war which has been destabilising the region for 30 years is denounced by the inhabitants in this video posted by an Italian director who went to meet them.


Net users discuss the spectacular and deadly attack on a police training centre near Lahore, in the east of Pakistan, that was reportedly claimed by a Pakistani Taliban chief.

The blog Teeth Maestro publishes collected testimonies hour by hour on Twitter  - one, featuring the secretary general of the Labour party, Farooq Tariq, is particularly interesting. Being on the spot at the time, he described the stages of the assault, and the blood stains and fragments of bodies visible at the scene at the end of the day.

On the website See and Report, numerous photos of the attack on the police academy have been regularly posted online.

Net users were also quick to criticise the inability of the state to protect its citizens. So for some Pakistani bloggers, the government is the one responsible.

This journalist notes on his blog that the long series of attacks in India and in Pakistan in recent months is proof that Pakistan has lost control of the fight against terrorism.


The Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust has launched the Aladdin project. Objective: to fight against denial of the Holocaust, or Shoah, in the Muslim world. A source of documentaries on Shoah and Judeo-Muslim relations has been made available to Net users. New translations of the books 'If this is Man' by Primo Levi or 'The Diary of Anne Frank' are available.


A Chinese man has made an original marriage proposal on the Internet to his girlfriend. He created this animation video relating the history of their love. Posted on a Chinese forum, it was quickly relayed by net users.

Date created : 2009-04-01