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Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-04-02

Web users have flocked to the Net to comment on the G20 summit in London. Yet, the Internet is also serving as a platform to prepare protests against the NATO summit that opens on Friday.

Kick off G20 in London. The objective for the leaders of the member nations: finding a solution to the most serious global economic crisis since the 1930s. A summit closely followed by Net user’s worldwide.

The official site of the G20 provides a live feed of discussions via webTV. Some videos of meetings held since March are also available, such as the encounter by British and Thai political leaders on the crisis in Asia.


The blogosphere can also participate in the debates. 50 bloggers from 22 countries have been invited by the NGO Oxfam, accompanied by numerous other associations, to comment on the summit via the platform “G20 voice”, a discussion about the crisis to follow live on Twitter.


Net users can sign up to the site We20, which regularly organises round-table debates with 20 participants. In this video, they take it in turns to explain what they would do if they were to organize their own G20 summit, for instance inviting more women, or emphasising the green economy.


On the eve of the NATO summit to be held in Strasbourg on Friday and Saturday, opponents are gearing up for battle on the Net.

The videos calling for mobilisation have multiplied in recent days. Their aim is to muster a maximum number of people to demonstrate against NATO on the 60th anniversary of the organisation.

On the practical side, the anti-NATO coordination blog gathers all the information that the demonstrators will need, including the route for the demonstrations abd the location of security cordons.

Committed Net users may find on other websites details of how protest events will unfold. The programme includes a panel discussion and workshops on civil disobedience.


This parallel summit will take place in the alternative village, which has its own blog describing the preparations.

And finally some guides of all types for the benefit of activists circulate online. The one here explains how to react if arrested whereas the guide of the Croix Noir gives first aid advice.

On the eve of the orphan’s day in Egypt on “3rd April, Google has launched a competition for children to decide on a logo for its page on that day. A first in the Middle East. More than 160 Egyptian orphans have participated by sending a drawing. The winner will see their work decorate Google's Egyptian welcome page on Friday.


Birmingham City University in England has just created a masters degree in social media. A one-year course which allows students to learn how to start a blog, broadcast podcasts, and how to use social networks such as Facebook for purposes of communication or marketing.

Date created : 2009-04-02