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Web users react to the earthquake in Abruzzo

Latest update : 2009-04-07

In this edition: Web users follow and react to the consequences of the earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy. The eviction of 16 NGOs from Sudan has further plunged the country into deep humanitarian crisis, a tragedy denounced by the bloggers.


Many have died in an earthquake early on Monday morning in the Abruzzo region in the centre of Italy. A disaster closely followed by net users.


Several videos appeared on-line. This one shows the tremors in an apartment, whereas here, residents of L’Aquila, the most affected city in Abruzzo, talk about the earthquake some hours later. 


This site has an interactive map of the region detailing the number of victims, village by village, with some details of the damage caused.  


This blogger posts online photos of the area after the drama. Collapsed buildings, inhabitants traumatized. Images which are circulating on the net.

But controversy began almost immediately on the web. As stressed in this video, the scientist Giampaolo Giuliani had predicted the earthquake. Instead of being taken seriously the statement was seen as being alarmist.



The eviction of 16 NGOs from Sudan following the issuing of an international arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir has plunged the country further into deep humanitarian crisis. A crisis denounced by the blogosphere. 


In this video a UNICEF ambassador launches an appeal to the international community warning them on the gravity of the situation in Sudan. And he implores the authorities to let the NGOs enter the country to avoid a humanitarian disaster.


A crisis which could affect more than 4.7 million Sudanese according to the site “Relief Web”. The NGOs departure raises health problems, related in particular to lack of drinking water.


Another consequence of this crisis: numerous Sudanese leave the country to find refuge in nearby states, such as Chad. This Portuguese blogger met some refugees and posted several photos of men who had to abandon their families to survive.


Several on-line videos look at the extremely difficult conditions experienced by hundreds of thousands of Sudanese living in refugee camps in the region.


An appeal for witnesses has been launched on Facebook in England to find a rapist. The victim’s boyfriend asks users of the social network to track down the perpetrator of the attack that took place last August in a district of Manchester. Two photos of a suspect taken by a video surveillance camera are available on-line and made available to the public.


The British organization for the protection of women, 'Women’s Aid' posts on-line a particularly hard-hitting campaign denouncing domestic violence with actress Keira Knightley, the heroine of the trilogy 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. An initiative with the aim of getting donations from net users to help the cause of women suffering domestic violence in the country.


Date created : 2009-04-07