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Online initiatives to encourage Indians to vote

Latest update : 2009-04-14

In this edition: the Indian blogosphere is rallying prior to the general elections, set to start on April 16, and the net reacts to the new First Dog as the Obama family puppy moves into the White House.


With the approach of the Indian general elections, the web is more mobilised than ever and online initiatives are multiplying to encourage Indians to vote.


The ‘Manifesto’ site invites electors to help elaborate a political programme. They submit ideas to the candidates, for example increasing police resources, and net users vote for those they find most important.


Some platforms hope to become incontestable information sources for these elections. ‘IndiPepal’ offers access to a plethora of political analysts’ blogs. Others such as ‘BlogAdda’ and ‘One Vote’ show photos, press articles and campaign videos linked to the general elections.


Finally, some sites have decided to tackle more specific problems. ‘Youth for Equality’ campaigns for a caste-less society. And ‘Change India’ tries to rally internet users to resolve problems such as poverty in rural regions.



American net users are welcoming Bo, the White House’s new resident. This is the puppy Barack Obama had promised to his daughters if he won the presidential elections.


In the last few months, there was much online speculation concerning the puppy’s identity. And it was these sites that finally put an end to the suspense by publishing a photo of Charlie, a Portuguese water dog, aged 6 months.    


Net users then learnt on the official White House blog that the puppy, renamed ‘Bo’ by the Obamas, is a present from Senator Ted Kennedy. The latter owns several puppies from the same breeder.


It's a choice plebiscited by bloggers, who remarked that Portuguese water dogs are intelligent, cheerful and bounding with energy. According to them, Bo has all the qualities needed to be America’s first dog.


The web is already speculating about his life in the White House. This net user offers an insight by publishing these photos of the presidential pooch’s basket and bowl.




Approximately 77 million archive documents covering over 500 years of London’s history will be put on public view on this genealogy site by 2011. Compiled mainly from the London Metropolitan Archives, this collection of wedding certificates, death certificates, property inventories and electoral lists will allow many Brits to discover more about the lives of their ancestors.


To promote the latest version of their image retouch software, Adobe has asked an animation studio to produce this video: a poetic, short film based on the natural cycle of an apple tree seed.



Date created : 2009-04-14