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Bollywood rallies for elections

Latest update : 2009-04-16

Today on the Web: Bollywood stars rally prior to the Indian general elections; Internet users react to piracy off the coast of Somalia; and more highlights.

Just when the Indian general elections are set to begin, the country’s actors and directors are rallying on the Web to encourage people to vote.


The Jaagore campaign, which means ‘wake up’, stars several celebrities from Indian cinema. Here, Sonam Kapoor explains to young voters that voting means making your opinion heard. Director Rakeysh Omprakash reminds the voters that each vote counts, quoting the example of an election that was decided by a single voter.


Actor Aamir Khan offered his image to this NGO in charge of overseeing the elections. The aim of this online campaign is to encourage voters to become informed about the candidates and to make a well-considered choice at the polls.


According to this blogger, these stars' commitment could be explained by the Mumbai massacre last November. The attacks seem to have made many Indians, particularly celebrities, recognise the importance of becoming involved in politics.


In the Gulf of Aden, several ships have recently been hijacked by Somali pirates who are demanding ransoms in exchange for the captured boats and crews. The renewed outbreak of piracy is making the Web take notice.


On this map, available online, the international Maritime bureau has recorded over one hundred incidents since the start of the year, most taking place off the Somali coast.


The pirates often use videos to accompany their ransom demands, and one of them has just appeared on the Web. Filmed onboard a Turkish cargo ship last January, it shows armed men patrolling the ship while awaiting a ransom payment.


Many Web users are now wondering about the identity and motivation of these pirates. According to this Somali singer, the pirates are fishermen, protesting against the discharge of toxic waste along their coasts, before the lure of riches turns them into bandits.




Here is the latest video buzzing around the Chinese blogosphere. We see two brothers create a Formula 1 car from salvaged parts. It shows how a bed frame, an armoured door, and a few pipes along with an old motor can be transformed into a race car that, unlike a real Formula 1 car, can only reach speeds of 170km/h.




A few days ago YouTube stopped permitting Web users to send videos or post comments on the South Korean version of its site. In fact, a new law about online slander in South Korea demands that users supply their ID card prior to publishing content on highly frequented sites. The law was adopted after the suicide of an actress who had been targeted by cyber-harassment.



Date created : 2009-04-16