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Virtual trial of CIA's interrogation techniques

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-04-23

In this edition: a widespread online debate about CIA interrogation techniques used in secret prisons. In India, actor 'Chiranjeeevi', candidate for the legislative elections, is looking like a star on the Web. And today’s highlights.



In the US, after the publication of secret CIA memos, a Senate report details the origins of interrogation methods used in the war on terror. A new document fuels online debate about these practices.


Practices that many net users describe as torture, like in this photomontage that shows the most controversial techniques. 


This video-blogger looks into possible legal proceedings. He criticises the possibility evoked by US President Barack Obama to only prosecute the memos’ authors and not the torturers.


Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy has launched an online petition signed by 100,000 net users, demanding an investigation committee for former US President George W. Bush administration abuses.

This US blogger thinks that the publication of CIA memos represents an act of treason that could endanger national security.


Each memo can be viewed online, as on this US human rights association site.




Here is Chiranjeevi - the adored star of Bollywood. But also a candidate for the Indian legislative elections in Andhra Pradesh - a state with 80 million inhabitants, in the south of the country. The profile of this actor-cum-politician is examined on the Web.


His brand image is a white outfit and a thumbs-up, as a sign of victory as shown on the site of the People’s Party, that he created eight months ago.  His political programme involves spreading social justice. In this video, Chiranjeevi appears as a saviour for deprived people.


A promise that works. Supportive sites are increasing, both in India and abroad. This association based in England posts online videos from expat Indians, expressing their support.


But Chiranjeevi is also poked fun at, as in this online video where a famous Indian imitator ridicules Chiranjeevi's style and body language.





After the US, the UK & the Netherlands, France is part of the second wave of countries where Youtube is offering the "click to buy" service. When listening to a music video, it is now possible with one click to buy the song on iTunes or other legal platforms. A way for Google to eventually obtain part of the purchase price.





Watching a family funeral via webcam is now possible. Woodlands crematorium in Scunthorpe, UK, has just launched this pay service. A password is given to the deceased’s loved ones, so they can watch the religious ceremony from anywhere in the world. This service already exists in Australia and Canada.


Date created : 2009-04-23