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Swine flu creates heavy online activity

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-04-27

The rising swine flu pandemic is one of the major discussion topics on the Internet, with much practical information being provided. Also in this edition of Web News: what the Internet thinks of recent decisions regarding file-sharing.

In Mexico, over 100 people have died as a result of the swine flu epidemic. Schools, bars, museums and churches have been closed by the authorities and public gatherings are suspended. The Web reacts.


This video, broadcast on share sites, shows how the H1N1 virus develops and how it can now be transmitted by humans, causing fear of a pandemic.

The virus has now also arrived in the United States and New Zealand, as shown on this interactive map, viewable on Google maps.

The World Health Organisation considers the epidemic to be a source for international concern and videos have quickly appeared on-line, calling upon citizens to take precautions. This video blogger advises people to stock up on food and water.

Finally on the Huffington Post site, the survivors' club founder advises that to avoid the virus you should wash hands regularly and avoid physical contact



Just  as the Creation and Internet law bill is to be re-examined by the French National Assembly, the Pirate Bay Trial continues to make waves. The Web rallied this week-end for Net freedom.


While the previous protests attracted only limited interest, detractors of the Creation and Internet law used the Net to prepare gatherings all over France on Saturday. Net users were asked to register on-line in advance.


The result was successful, as shown by these videos posted on Youtube.


Net users also rallied to defend The Pirate Bay site founders, who have appealed. ‘Operation Bailout’ involved cyber attacks on The Pirate Bay’s enemies, i.e. the IFPI site, who celebrated the Stockholm verdict.



In the meantime, videos defending Pirate Bay -similar to these - continue to pour into Youtube.





On his Web site, photographer, Kevin Bauman presents his ‘Abandoned Houses’ project - photos of one hundred abandoned houses in Detroit, USA. The images testify to the economic recession suffered by the city for years and worsened by the recent subprime crisis.




What are the origins and consequences of biodiversity erosion for humans? How can biodiversity be preserved and restored? The "Saga Science" report, by the French Scientific Research Centre, displays over 700 photos and 100 films to educate people about this problem.


Date created : 2009-04-27