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Violence in Sri Lanka condemned online

Latest update : 2009-04-29

The "final offensive" of the Sri Lankan army against the Tamil Tigers is a topic of much discussion online. Also in this edition: bloggers are calling on European citizens to vote for the upcoming European election.



Fighting continues in Sri Lanka between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels on a small strip of land where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped. A final assault causing much on-line discussion.

In this video, an expert in international relations states that the Tamil Tigers guerrilla forces, once considered the most powerful guerrilla movement in the world, is about to be defeated.



On line, the Sri Lankan army is attempting to demonstrate that victory is within its reach. There is a map showing the progression of fighting, images of rebel weapons recovered by the army and a video of the President visiting liberated areas.



Although fighting seems to be diminishing, in this video broadcast by bloggers, the UN attacks the Sri Lankan government for preventing humanitarian access to the war zone in the north east of the country.


Meanwhile, the rebel forces’ site, TamilNet, is posting these photos denouncing the ongoing massacre of Tamil people by the army.




With the European Parliamentary elections set for June 7, the blogosphere is encouraging citizens to make their voice heard.


The European Parliament has launched a single campaign for the 27 member states to inform a maximum number of voters. Entitled, “European elections- it’s your choice!" it contains information about the poll.


The European Journalism Centre has launched a site allowing bloggers to discuss the EU. Users can choose articles, videos or photos as a way to express themselves.


The ‘Europe, are you listening?’ campaign is aimed mainly at young Europeans and offers a series of videos by international artists about Europe. These young voters have been invited to a gathering on April 30 to show their EU commitment. 


Young people are also targeted by a campaign produced jointly by Berlin City and the EU, as shown in this video. Two ‘Yamakasi’ leap across German capital’s roof-tops on their way to the polls.




The Jobteaser site sheds light upon the day-to-day reality of companies. Just as with MySpace, each business has a space in which to publish content: a general presentation video or an interview with the HR manager. Other information may also be given, such as employee’s salaries for example.




The Brazilian collaborative site, Overmundo allows disadvantaged people living in favelas to have their say. It aims to show the daily life of these slum-dwellers in a positive way. Overmundo is open to all, and is based on the Wikipedia model: editing is collective and contributors regulate content themselves.


Date created : 2009-04-29