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Obama's first 100 days cause a stir on the Web

Latest update : 2009-04-30

In this edition: it is now 100 days since Barack Obama became US president - an anniversary causing a stir on the Web. Also, the Web reacts to an online game called "Faith Fighter," which pits several religious figures against one another.



It is now 100 days since Barack Obama became US President - an anniversary causing a stir on the Web.

This professor from the University of California in LA analyses Obama’s debut at the White House and grants him an A minus-, justified by several gaffes the president made, such as accepting a present from Chavez.


This video from the site compares Obama's first 100 days with those of his predecessors, to show that he is rather lucky. No fatal pneumonia like Harrisson got or civil war on the cards like Buchanan.


As for the Democrats, this anniversary was the occasion to review positively any developments achieved, such as salary equality for women. But also to criticise the attitude of the opposition.


The Republicans also had something to say. They broadcast this online video in which they criticise Obama for not offering explanations to citizens and not respecting his electoral promises. 


An online fighting game, "Faith Fighter", pits several religious figures against one another and has sparked anger amongst many believers. In the game, six gods and prophets, including God, Buddha and Mohamed, take it in turns to participate in violent combat.


One of the first to react, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference condemned, in an o-line announcement, an offensive game that would only encourage intolerance between religions.


A reaction that this blogger does not understand. For him religious associations should ignore this kind of game rather than offering them publicity by causing a scandal.


A controversy that has caused the game’s creators to remove it from their site after explaining that they only wanted to make players think about the way in which religions can be instrumentalised. And the original version has ironically been replaced by this one, which is violence free. The aim now being to give love to the deities.


A Japanese Net user has posted these photos and video of the construction of a (reduced size) Lego model of the battleship Yamato, the largest battleship ever made. A difficult task that took six years and four months. The result is a model measuring over six metres in length, weighing 150 kilos and requiring over 200,000 pieces.


The site, which classified Euro MPs according to their diligence, has closed just a few days after its launch. Too many complaints apparently caused its creator, a former parliamentary assistant, to suspend site activity. But will soon reappear online, most of the information being available on the site of the European Parliament.



Date created : 2009-04-30