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Notebook: one family's fight against the virus

Text by Battiste FENWICK , FRANCE 24's special correspondent in Mexico

Latest update : 2009-05-06

Diana's husband Ricardo was taken to hospital three weeks ago when what seemed like a common chest cough turned out to be something much worse. She and her four-year-old son wait anxiously as he lies between life and death.

Three weeks ago, the H1N1 virus shattered Diana's life when her husband Ricardo caught it. "Everything changed, my whole life changed. I had to completely change my routine. I had to pull myself up and be strong, because I'm responsible for my child and for my family."



Adonai, her four year-old son barely understands what his father is going through. "They feed him through the arm, because he is not doing well."



In order to focus on her husband's convalescence, this former supermarket employee quit her job. A financial sacrifice which she bears with the help of her family. Her grandmother looks after Adonai, while her cousin Jenny accompanies her almost every day to visit her husband at the hospital.



The thing Diana regrets the most today is that she didn't bring her husband to the hospital as soon as the first symptoms appeared. "He was getting worse every day and the treatment that the doctor had given him was upsetting him even more. I ended up taking him here on Wednesday April 15th. This is where they recently discovered that what has been affecting him is the H1N1 virus."



It's time for Diana's daily visit. She is allowed half an hour. She watches her husband from behind a glass pane as he lies between life and death.



Date created : 2009-05-03