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Iranian election raises questions on the internet

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-05-11

Today on the net, the blogosphere rallies for various Iranian Presidential election candidates and the Polaroid photography technique is resurrected on line thanks to a handful of fans.


One month before the Iranian Presidential election, only a few candidates seem able to aspire to victory. The poll has mobilised many in the blogosphere.

On Facebook, Hossein Mossavi, who was Prime Minister during the Iran-Irak war, is supported by numerous users. Several videos, like these, boasting Mossavi’s merits and calling for people to vote for him are also circulating on line.

Another character creating an online buzz is Mehdi Karoubi, the reformist candidate who lost the 2005 Presidential election. These photomontages encourage citizens to elect the man who, according to his agenda, represents change.

Finally, the current President and candidate for re-election, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has also turned to the web. He broadcasts online videos evoking his Government’s initiatives from his first term in office. But Ahmadinejad, in power since 2005, is also caricatured by his detractors, as shown here.


Due to competition from digital photography, Polaroid is today facing extinction. But thanks to the Web, this form of instant photography is about to be re-born.

Since the brand stopped producing its famous films in June 2008, many net users have rallied to bring back to life the technique which marked the history of photography.

A call answered by these former Polaroid employees who have bought the Enschede factory in the Netherlands. On their site they explain how they hope to relaunch production of instant films, with a modern touch.

Meanwhile, net users who have remained faithful to this format can meet one another on the site. A social network where fans can show off their work.

And nostalgia sufferers, who have already switched to digital, can download an application on the website to transform digital snaps into Polaroid imitations.



Pig brother is an Austrian TV reality show broadcast exclusively on the net and stars…pigs. Net users are invited to vote for their favourite piggy out of the 4 in competition, filmed 24 hours a day. An initiative organised on the occasion of the Helfenberg lard festival, due to take place in June.

Using the Internet could be dangerous for the environment. According to a recent study by McAfee, spam messages use 33 billion kilowatts/hour in energy, and release as much CO2 as 3 million cars. The ecological footprint of the net today overtakes that of the airline industry.

Date created : 2009-05-11