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Helping Pakistani refugees

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-05-14

Today on the Web: Internet users help Pakistani refugees fleeing fighting between the army and the Taliban; the Web mobilises for victims of the floods in northern Brazil and how to check your colleagues' salaries.


In Pakistan, the army is continuing its offensive against the Taliban in the Swat valley. Concerned about the fate of the refugees, President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the international community for help.

On Flickr, a net user has posted photos of one of the area’s refugee camps. He explains that most of the 500,000 people travelled on foot to the centres in order to escape the fighting.


This Pakistani blogger calls on his readers to donate essential items to the NGOs working in the region.


Drop off points where donations are collected are also listed on this interactive map. And humanitarian workers are using Twitter to discuss the needs of each refugee camp.


At the same time, the Taliban are continuing to spread terror in the region. On the Web, a local paper recently broadcast this video showing the execution of a couple accused of adultery.




Around 40 people have died and 900,000 have been affected by the torrential rains since early April in the north and northeastern regions of Brazil. The Web expresses its concern and solidarity. 

This blogger is worried by the indifference of Brazilian people in the face of this tragedy.


An indifference that Internet users have tried to change in recent weeks. This Brazilian welcomes the role Twitter has played in relaying information, a source he prefers to traditional media. 


And to mobilise citizens, a journalist has created this interactive map. It aims to allow Web users to get together to help affected people. Users are asked to give their testimonies online.


Finally, photos and videos are circulating on share sites showing the extent of damage caused by these torrential downpours.


Climb under the skin of Bernard Madoff! The online game, ‘Made Off’ allows users to play the role of the infamous US financier. The aim is to swindle investors - who are other players. More than a simple entertainment form, the game’s creator, Cellufun, hopes to improve the public's understanding of fund management schemes.


Discover your colleagues’ salaries! In just one click, Jobfact lets you obtain information about salaries offered by a company, as long as you give your own - anonymously of course! With already 1,500 members, the site hopes to become the benchmark portal for employers and employees. 



Date created : 2009-05-14