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Online tribute to Indian PM Manmohan Singh

Latest update : 2009-05-20

In this edition: Indian bloggers hail the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, after his party's electoral triumph. In France, rival parties struggle to drum up support ahead of June European elections.


Intelligent, a visionary, committed. On Youtube, photomontages paying tribute to the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh are multiplying.


And for good reason, Sonia Ghandi, whose Congress Party won the Indian elections, has asked him to maintain his position. A decision welcomed online.


This video criticises Indian astrologists who predicted that he would step down. 


This video blogger welcomes the news. According to him, Manmohan Singh is the only politician capable of re-launching the Indian economy.


An assertion not shared by this Indian net user. According to him, the Congress Party was incapable of making the right political choices to encourage economic development in the country. He therefore expresses concern about the Prime Minister’s return to power.

Meanwhile, this Indian, cofounder of the online citizen initiative ‘Vote Report India’ sums up the Web campaign. He stresses the difficulty of creating an internet-only citizen movement in India. According to him support from traditional media is still indispensable.


Finally, he asserts that the experiment carried out on the Web is not set to end. A new version of the site will allow citizens to monitor activity by the elected Congress Party members.

An initiative that should be taken up by many Indians, in the wake of an electoral campaign that harnessed the internet with success.

Here is the latest French government video for the June 7 European elections. And it’s not the only one; most French parties are mobilising online to encourage citizens to go to the polls.


But this video has aroused the anger of the French Socialist Party who has multiplied requests for the video to be removed, from Twitter in particular. The reason being that it is supposedly a propaganda video for the party in power, the UMP; as the French EU Presidency in 2008 is listed as one of the great moments of Europe, as recounted in the video.


Despite this, the socialists are also using the net to sully the reputation of their adversaries. In this video, a member of the left alliance in Parliament points out to his centre and right wing opposite numbers that their parties always vote in the same way on important subjects.


Just as original is this music video by the Green party who has asked supporters to participate in the campaign with a ‘lipdub’…


The Libertas party who are hostile to Brussels’ ‘technocratic Europe’ has opted for humour. Here ‘Captain Europa’, a super hero, tries to combat the Union’s dictatorship, which authorises for example red and white wine to be mixed to obtain rosé. 


Finally the Left front have broadcast this video, in which the various initiatives of left wing MEP’s are presented. Among these are the struggle for peace in the Middle East and environmental safeguard.


Already broadcast on the radio and TV, ‘kidnap alerts’ will arrive on the net on June 1st. An initiative aiming to improve the efficiency of the measures already in place. Warning messages will be issued on sites such as Free, Orange, SFR, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Dailymotion. Thanks to numerous partnerships, almost 90% of French net users should be reached by the alerts.


Here is one of the videos currently creating a buzz online. They are images filmed by US minister, Steve Anderson, during an unconventional police check. Quoting the 4th amendment of the US Constitution, protecting citizens from arbitrary searches, Anderson refuses to leave his car when asked by police officers and turns on his video camera instead. We see the minister receiving a Tazzer shock before being dragged from the vehicle. An internal enquiry is now underway.


Do you know the Voca People? They are a group of Israeli acapella singers whose video is currently a hit on share sites. They offer a mix of choral music, rounds and instrument imitations, to give a very varied musical anthology. You can hear original versions of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Nirvana hits…


Date created : 2009-05-20