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Navy patrol foils attempted attack on Total Nigeria oil facility

Latest update : 2009-05-26

An attempted attack on an offshore oil facility operated in the Niger delta by French company Total was foiled by the Nigerian navy. Several major pipelines in the south have been destroyed lately by the country's main rebel group.

AFP - A Nigerian navy patrol Tuesday foiled an attempted attack on an offshore oil facility operated by French oil company Total, the company said.
"Men in speedboats tried to attack our Amenam offshore field and they were driven away by a (navy) patrol team," Total spokesman Fred Ohwawa said.
Amenam lies about 30 kilometres (20 miles) offshore from Rivers State in the Niger Delta.
A spokesman for the Joint Task Force (JTF) protecting oil firms and facilities in the restive region confirmed the incident.
"There was an attempt to attack a Total's offshore facility, but the criminals were driven away," Colonel Rabe Abubakar told AFP.
He said "there was no exchange of fire" during the incident, the latest to rock oil-rich Nigeria in recent weeks.
The country's main rebel group on Monday destroyed several major oil pipelines in the south in response to a military offensive, prompting a cut in production announced at 100,000 barrels a day.
The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) said it had put "out of operation" a major Chevron oil storage facility by destroying the pipelines and flow stations that feed it.
The US oil giant confirmed an attack on one of its pipelines in the Abiteye area of Delta State.
Unrest in the Niger Delta region has reduced Nigeria's daily output to 1.76 million barrels compared with 2.6 million barrels in January 2006.

Date created : 2009-05-26