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Net mourns victims of Air France crash

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-06-03

Today on the Internet: Web users mobilise for the tragedy of Air France flight 447; the Pirate Party manages a spectacular breakthrough in Sweden ahead of the European elections; and Microsoft launches its new search engine, Bing.



On Tuesday the Brazilian air force spotted debris that could belong to the Air France Airbus A330. The plane disappeared over the Atlantic with 228 people on board on Monday. The tragedy has prompted large-scale mobilisation online.


The priority for Net users was to pay homage to the passengers’ families. On Facebook, dozens of support groups have been created. On Tuesday, the largest had over 6,000 members. It invites users to leave condolence messages. Over 200 net users have already done so.

The Air France profile on the social network has also been assailed. Several Web users, including employees from other airlines, express their support for the French carrier.

And incomprehension remains as to the conditions of the accident. The Weather Graphics website looked into the weather conditions at the time the plane disappeared. We see a view from a satellite of the plane’s position before its signal was lost, proving the aircraft was crossing an area of turbulence. The in-depth study has been largely applauded by Net users. This Swedish pilot welcomes the analysis.

On his blog, this US pilot evokes 2 possible scenarios. The hypothesis of lightning, possibly causing electrical failure. Another possibility according to him is violent turbulence, alone being responsible for the damage that lead to loss of pressure and then electrical failure.

Finally this Net user attempted a very approximate video reconstitution based on information known on Tuesday.




Vote Pirate! Here is a video to the glory of the party bearing the same name. The Swedish Pirate Party campaigns for legal file sharing on the Internet and has managed a spectacular breakthrough in Sweden, thanks to the debate on piracy.


On the occasion of the European elections, the party is leading an active campaign on the Web and according to the polls, should enter the European Parliament on June 7. The party is credited with 5-8% of votes.

A popularity which grew in the aftermath of the sentencing of Swedish download site Pirate Bay. Thousands of members joined the party, while mobilisation in favour of the site grew online. Today, with its 45,000 members the Pirate Party has become the country’s 3rd largest political force.


And for its campaign, the Web is of course a vital tool. Videos posted on Youtube are widely available on the Swedish Web. In particular those showing the list’s number 2. Aged 21, she is compared by Net users to the ‘hacker’ in the film, Millenium inspired by Stieg Larssen’s famous novel.


Other videos highlight the campaign led by supporters and many events organised around the country. Here in the small town of Umea, or here at Stockholm train station, where Rick Falkving, Pirate Party leader distributes pamphlets.


Finally the Pirate Party is not limiting its influence to Sweden. It has declensions in 20 countries and will also present lists in Poland and Germany on June 7.




Bing. A simple and easy word to remember. This is the name of Microsoft’s new search engine. The proclaimed aim is to snatch the number one spot away from Google. Bing will offer answers organised by theme. ‘Decision-making tools’ will also be included. Similar to price comparers, they will allow users to reserve a plane ticket or shop more easily. The complete version is only available in the States for now.




A participative film. This is the idea hatched by a Spanish beer company. Directing, production & casting. Each stage of short film making has been decided upon by the community of net users, registered on the film site, prior to being applied by 2 Spanish directors. The latter posted regular videos on Youtube. Here the directors explain that the choice of a grey limousine could not be respected as they could only find a white one. The film is currently being edited. The final stage will be to choose a title.




Here is the headless man. A star video that is developing. The I-phone version of this film, directed by 2 French artists & widely broadcast on the Net is now available. A collection of original faces. The ID photos and fingers appear in real size on your mobile phone screen.


Date created : 2009-06-03