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Battered in the streets, protesters keep pressure up online

Latest update : 2009-06-24

In today's round-up of the Web: Iranian authorities' refusal to annul the results of a disputed presidential election has not dampened online mobilisation; and Net users express growing concern over a recent spate of deadly attacks in Iraq.

Iran: Web mobilisation


The Revolutionary Guards have rejected a request for the annulment of the disputed presidential election. An announcement that has not dampened Net users’ mobilisation.


Thus the Web continues to remain the favoured channel for Iranian dissent, despite the censorship and threats carried out by the government. This map, drawn together by a blogger, shows the role played by foreign Net users. It lists the Proxy Servers made available by users to Iranians around the world to help them access censored sites.


And these sites are continuing to broadcast images of protests, in particular those from Monday. Iranians defied the authorities by taking to the streets of Tehran, despite the threats and Saturday’s bloody crack-down.


This Net user posted several videos of this gathering on his Facebook profile page as well as on his blog to testify to the atmosphere in the country. Here, army helicopters are seen flying over protesters.


Others wished to testify to the way in which the police attempted to disperse the crowds, as shown in this video. And as this Twitter user recalls, members of the crowd held candles aloft in homage to riot victims.


And particularly in homage to Neda, a young Iranian woman, whose death was filmed and broadcast on the Web. The Facebook group dedicated to the girl who has now become the symbol of street combat, saw its member numbers rise exponentially to surpass the 10,000 mark. On the share sites, video tributes have been multiplying for the last 4 days.

Iraq: wave of bombings

Just a few days before the withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi towns, the country has witnessed a wave of violence resulting in over 100 victims in just a few days. 70 people died this weekend in an attack in the north of the country. Others followed on Monday. This minibus was transporting high school students in a poor neighbourhood of Bagdad when a bomb hidden at the side of the road exploded.


On the Web, recent updates of the Iraqi insurgents’ sites show the intensification of their activity in recent weeks. Many videos like these have been posted online to boast the success of the latest terrorist operations to date.


And this video shows Islamist fighters learning how to handle the grenades they have just received. The video ends with this message in which they swear to complete their holy war even if it means dying in the process.


A resurgence of violence condemned by Net users. This photomontage put together by a Lebanese man, denounces this series of suicide attacks and quotes verses from the Koran to remind insurgents that killing innocent people does not offer a place in heaven.


On his blog, this journalist from Newsweek magazine expresses his fear. He doubts the ability of the Iraqi police force to ensure security in the country after the pull-out of the US troops. He also questions whether due to the economic downturn, their Government will have the means to equip officers suitably.

Perez Hilton vs Will.I.Am

A battle on Twitter is pitting blogger Perez Hilton against US rap star ‘Will I Am’. In the night between Sunday and Monday, the man who claims to be the most hated blogger in Hollywood asserted on the micro blogging site that he was attacked by the singer. Will I Am, however, formally denies this and has created a Twitter account to defend himself with net users.

Navigate the web and hit the jackpot. This is the latest idea by Microsoft to promote its Internet Explorer navigator. The software giant has hidden 10,000 Australian dollars on the Web, (5 690 Euros), that net users must track down using clues revealed daily on this digital quest’s Twitter thread. The first to reach the site virtually hosting the treasure will win the jackpot. 


This video, posted online last week has been circulating from blog to blog. In it, the singer, Keziah Jones calls for the liberation of Patrick Okoroafor, a Nigerian prisoner accused of theft and condemned to death in a trial that has been widely criticised as unfair. The initiative was carried out in collaboration with Amnesty International. The aim is to encourage the Nigerian authorities to free the young man, who has been in prison for the last 14 years. 30



Date created : 2009-06-24