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Mexican citizens express their discontent

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-07-06

In this edition of Web News: Sunday’s legislative elections in Mexico were an opportunity for many citizens to express their discontent regarding the political system.

Elections in Mexico

Sunday’s legislative elections in Mexico were an opportunity for many citizens to express their discontent regarding the political system. A vast movement encouraging people to express their anger at the polls was widely reflected online throughout the campaign.

Many sites encouraging electors to cast a blank vote or to ensure their vote was not valid appeared on Mexican Web sites. Their slogan was: for rubbish politicians, make your vote rubbish!
Increasingly, Mexicans feel abandoned by the people supposed to represent them. Like this video blogger, they are numerous in expressing their disgust with politicians judged incompetent or corrupt.

As a result, videos encouraging people to cast a blank vote have also multiplied during the campaign.

Meanwhile, another Net user recalls in a Facebook group dedicated to the subject that the aim of the movement is above all to make the politicians react. He says he hopes that the latter will understand that the system urgently needs to be made more transparent.

Tour de France

The 96th Tour de France has begun. For three weeks, participants will ride nearly 3,500 kilometres.

The official Tour de France site is brimming with information of all kinds. Riders’ classifications, details about the stages to come and video highlights. Cycling fans will find all the information they need to keep up to date with developments in the competition.

Participants have also used the Web to allow Net users to experience the race from the inside. Lance Armstrong, for example, provides a daily broadcast on his site with videos in which he gives his opinion about the day’s stage.

Not to be outdone. His adversaries, like Carlos Sastre and Alberto Contador, also have Web sites on which they give their impressions of the race.

Others are using the Web to show their intentions for the 2009 edition. On the YouTube channel NikeAdvertising, Mark Cavendish expresses his desire to win the green shirt, awarded to the best sprinter, this year.

Meanwhile, the competition is still generating as much keen interest as ever. Since the start of the race this weekend, videos from over-excited fans and messages of encouragement to riders and other remarks about the race, have multiplied on comments boards, forums and particularly on Twitter.

Finally, for fans who can’t make it to France to follow the race live, they can still feel a part of the action by playing one of the many tour-inspired games, like these.

Vinyl freestyle

If you thought that your vinyl disks were only good for listening to music, this video currently creating a buzz online will make you think again. Here, vinyls become accessories for acrobats and jugglers.

New York from above

See New York like you’ve never seen it — an aerial panoramic view of New York in 3-D with the possibility of choosing different points of view.

Video of the day

Air hostesses working in the Parisian underground? This wacky idea was hatched by the creators of this video, in which we see flight-crew members taking care of metro passengers, handing out drinks and spraying air fresheners in the train.

Date created : 2009-07-06