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Honduran turmoil continues on the Web

Video by FRANCE 24

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-07-23

In this edition: Honduran opposition groups express their anger; race the virtual Tour de France; ex-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger announces new California budget on Twitter; Chris Brown apologises to fans on YouTube.

Honduras: Ongoing tension

Opposition intensifies in the international community and sections of Honduran society to the deposition of President Zelaya on June 28. A situation that is being widely discussed in the blogosphere.

Many feel the country is currently witnessing another coup d’état, and several videos of protesters demanding Zelaya’s return are circulating online. In the first video below we hear the French national anthem, ‘The Marseillaise’, a song that symbolises defence of a nation, which calls on citizens to combat the putschists.

The above opinion, however, is not shared by the author of this photo montage, who recalls that Zelaya wished to modify the constitution in order to run for a new mandate. This was something that he was forbidden from doing. For this author, the coup d’état was necessary, as he believes the former President was preparing an institutional coup d’état.

The blogger below explains that scuffles between Zelaya’s supporters and police have resulted in several deaths in the country and that thousands of people have reportedly been imprisoned. This writer fears the current situation could result in a civil war.

The bloggers fears are plausible, as some interim Government supporters - such as the man who has posted the YouTube video below - belong to paramilitary groups. These supporters feel they must arm themselves to prevent Zelaya returning.

This report is broadcast by the on line channel The Real, and it looks at Washington's position in this crisis. The article says that unlike the European Union, the American administration did not immediately condemn Zelaya's deposition.

California: End of the crisis?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, is a happy man! A compromise has been reached between state parliamentarians to try and contain a budget deficit estimated at 26 billion dollars. It aims to reduce spending by 15 billion. The web link below shows the reaction in the websphere.

For this blogger, the compromise resulting from the new plan is quite simply intolerable. The contributor foresees the abolition of many social programmes and public services, but no tax increase. He also criticises the planned oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast.

The organising network ‘Courage Campaign’ claims in this advert that California’s future could go up in smoke if Schwarzenegger insists on firing teachers, nurses and firemen and not looking at ways to increase state revenue. It encourages citizens to call the governor to inform him of their disapproval regarding the compromise.

This video illustrates in ironic style what California will be like once the budget cuts are made. A state in which everything is closed, all the time!

However, the former Hollywood star is making an effort to show that his administration is also tightening its belt. He recently announced on Twitter that the state would organise a car and office equipment sale at the end of August. And in this video, he even promises to sign some of the objects for sale to generate more cash.

Tour de France online

For fans of the ‘Great Loop’, an entirely free virtual version of the Tour de France, is available online. Just like a real race manager, you can manage your team, and decide on strategies and tactics in order to lead your racers to victory. And if your favourite cyclists’ chances are slim in the real Tour, perhaps he will be better online? It’s up to you!

In BB 2.0

Darren Solomon, Ray Charles’ former bassist, has launched a collaborative music project entitled, ‘in Bb 2.0’. The idea is simple: each net user records a sequence, either singing or with an instrument, posts the video on YouTube and sends the link to the musician. The only obligation is that the song must be in B flat, or Bb, hence the name of the project. You can then combine the different sequences to create an original track on the website.


Here is the video that has been creating an online buzz for the past few days. US rapper Chris Brown apologises to fans for hitting his singer girlfriend, Rihanna last February. He says that he realises the seriousness of his actions. Chris Brown, whose trial is set for August 5, risks 5 years probation and 6 months community service.

Date created : 2009-07-23