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Moldova's legislative elections, take two

Video by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-07-29

Today on the Net: Moldovan political parties use the Web in the country's second bout of legislative elections; the continued debate surrounding Barack Obama’s birth place fascinates the blogosphere; an airline comparison site reassures travellers.


Plunged into political crisis since last April’s legislative elections which did not result in a large enough majority and which were followed by a dissent movement organised on the Web, Moldova heads to the polls for a second times this Wednesday to elect its parliament.

The political parties in the running all used the Internet to attract net-using voters. The ruling Communist party was present on the main social networks and broadcast campaign videos. This one, for example, urged Moldovans to defend their young nation by blocking liberal parties wishing to move closer to Europe and Romania.

These opposition parties, united in a coalition, also used the Web to fight against what they deemend a lack of media independence during the electoral campaign. Marian Lupu, leader of the Democrat party and former head of the Communist party, opted for a video-filled blog to address his voters.

Some in the blogosphere tried to rally young people who may be tempted to abstain, while others fear electoral fraud, despite the presence of numerous observers who are to monitor the poll.

This net user denounces President Vladimir Voronin’s decision to hold these new elections on a week day which, according to him, is to prevent the mostly pro-liberal expatriates voting, as they do not benefit from a public holiday for the occasion.


“Barack Obama must be deposed as he was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya.” This was the video message sent out by this Republican net user to US citizens. More than eight months after his election to the White House, the debate surrounding the birthplace of Barack Obama is not dying down and continues to divide US net users.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that Obama never truly proved that he was born on US territory, as required by the Constitution. In this video, viewed over 700,000 times on YouTube, Republican Congress representative Mike Castle was even hissed at during a recent public meeting when he insisted that Obama was a veritable US citizen.

In this other video, the lawyer of a US army commander explains that her client is refusing to follow the president’s orders to go to Afghanistan. The soldier claims that Barack Obama cannot be considered the army's commander-in-chief as he is not American.

These arguments are judged to be nonsense by Web comics who have posted this video in which detractors are caricatured as cranks, ready to do anything to discredit the president.

The site, under the responsibility of the University of Pennsylvania, examined the original copy of Obama’s birth certificate and certifies to its authenticity. This proof has still failed to put an end to the debate as many bloggers still believe that the document was falsified.


After starring in major Hollywood productions, US actor Dany DeVito is moving over to horror films. The actor, who has teamed up with an independent film director, has just launched a site specialising in gory short films. Baptised ‘The Blood Factory’, this new portal, banned for minors, is already showing five films, much to the delight of fans of the genre. Haemoglobin and shivers guaranteed!


This French civil aviation site has recently started offering net users the chance to find out more about the airlines they fly with. Net users now have access to information concerning the 230 companies listed, as well as a section giving the opinion of the European Commission’s ‘black list committee’. The site is a way to reassure travellers after recent airplane crashes.


This animation film created by six Fine Art students is currently creating a buzz on the Chinese Web, as many young net users have identified with its characters. The short film shows the pressure placed on Chinese schoolchildren - a real problem in Chinese society - partly due to the fact that these often only children represent all of their parents’ dreams.

Date created : 2009-07-29