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Uruguay's would-be presidents face off online

Latest update : 2009-09-17

In this edition: the Web has become an indispensable tool in the campaign for Uruguay's presidential election; and Net users are up in arms against Kanye West, the rapper who burst onto the stage at the MTV video music awards.

Elections in Uruguay


In Uruguay, the campaign for the October 25 presidential and legislative elections is well underway. The Web has become an indispensable tool for helping candidates broadcast their message to a maximum number of people.


José ‘Pepe’ Mujica, candidate for the ‘Broad Front’, the party of current President Tabaré Vazquez, is particularly active online. His supporters have created many campaign videos and numerous Facebook groups like these call on citizens to vote for him.


But Pepe Mujica does not enjoy unanimous support on the Web. The author of this photomontage believes that if the candidate won the election in October, the country would quickly lapse into communism. And this Facebook group wonders just what would make people vote for him.


Meanwhile, two other candidates also seem in with a chance in the presidential race: Luis Lacalle, from the conservative party and Pedro Bordaberry, from the Liberal party. Many videos boasting the attributes of these two men are widely circulating on the share sites. And their websites are brimming with information and photos about their respective campaigns.


But apart from the political campaign, Uruguayans are also lobbying for their fellow citizens, living abroad, to obtain the right to vote by correspondence. Many videos from Uruguayans living in other countries have recently flooded into share sites. In the videos, Net users claim that they too should have a word about who leads the country.


The Kanye West controversy


The Web is rising up against Kanye West. On Sunday, the rapper burst onto the stage at the MTV video music awards during the acceptance speech by the young female singer, Taylor Swift, to declare that Beyoncé, another singer, had made a better video. An attitude widely criticised by net users.   


The subject is still in the top 10 list of most discussed subjects on Twitter.

And the rapper’s actions even drew a reaction from the US president. Barack Obama described the rapper a ‘jackass’ to a journalist of the channel, ABC who then broadcast this on the micro blogging site. 


The journalist then deleted the tweet a few minutes later. But it had already been read by millions of Net users. And the site TMZ broadcast this audio extract of the scene.

A parody showing Obama being interrupted by the rapper also quickly appeared.


And the wave of anti-Kanye West criticism continues online. A site has been created to mock his attitude. The rapper is presented interrupting well-know celebrities, from Mario Bros to JFK, and including Serena Williams and God.  


Unknown Net users also parody the scene. In this video a fake Kanye West is seen stopping him completing each of his movements.


And one site has begun selling T-shirts mocking and insulting the singer.   

Nor have the rapper's apologies on his blog stopped the wide-scale mobilisation.


Bird partition


After seeing a photo in a newspaper in which dozens of birds were perched on electric cords, the Brazilian film director, Jarbas Agnelli immediately thought of a musical score, with each bird representing a note. He then put the photo to music and this is the result. An original idea producing a unique melody.


Google street view explained to kids

A cartoon on the Google Japan YouTube channel offers a simple explanation to children on how to operate Google Street View, the application that allows users to navigate virtually through the streets of different cities. The film recalls that the US giant says it does all it can to protect the privacy of passers-by using its automatic face and car registration plate blurring system.


Video of the day


Here is the video currently causing a stir online. We see a young American rapper creating his own beat using only his hands and two pens. A method that leaves nothing to be desired from the most modern of musical instruments. And the result is astonishing.



Date created : 2009-09-17