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G20 summit gets the web talking

Video by Electron Libre

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-09-25

The web is talking about the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, USA, with everybody to get their point across. Meanwhile, the Australian blogosphere have been focusing on the recent sand storms in the country.

G20 online

The leaders of the world’s twenty richest nations are meeting in Pittsburgh in the USA for the third time since the start of the economic crisis. Top of the meeting’s agenda are traders’ salaries and planning an economic recovery. Net users mobilise online.

On the official G20 web site, US President Barack Obama repeated his goals for the summit - overcoming the economic crisis and consolidating the recovery.

These objectives which will not be easy to achieve. Brazilian President Lula highlighted the difficulties prior to the G20 summit in an address to the UN. In this video, available on the organisation’s site, he asserts that Governments will likely face resistance from those who do not want stricted regulation in the financial markets, and points out that bank practices have not changed at all since the crisis.
On Twitter, people are sharing their opinions about the G20 summit. This optimistic blogger hopes G20 leaders will find a solution to the crisis. While artist, Osman Khan, invites net users to send in messages to the twenty heads of state at the conference. The messages will be projected onto a building opposite the Convention Centre where the summit is being held. An artistic way to highlight the summit’s lack of transparency. Finally, this user urges people to sign an online petition to eradicate tax havens.

But for some net users, it is the very usefulness of the G20 which should be questioned. This site urges the world’s citizens to consider resistance to the Pittsburgh summit.

And anti-G20 posters and films have also invaded the web, calling for widespread mobilisation all over the city.

Sandstorms in Australia

Inhabitants of several Australian cities, in particular Brisbane and Sydney, woke up on Wednesday morning to an almost apocalyptic scene. The two cities were literally shrouded in red by sand storms from the desert. A situation commented on by net users.

Several amateur videos were quickly posted online to show the extent of the phenomenon. Incredible images in which we can see that there was almost zero visibility for several hours before things returned to normal in the afternoon.


Some are using their blogs to express what they felt upon seeing this phenomenon. With photos as back-up, this Australian man explains how he felt as though he had woken up on Mars. While others, such as this female blogger describe having been very scared and confused about what was happening.

The Flickr photo share site is broadcasting many shots taken from the Wednesday morning and insists they have not been doctored. He says that this was the worst sand storm for seventy years in Australia.

The phenomena was also visible from space, as shown by this photo taken by a NASA satellite and available on Wikipedia.

However, as emphasised by this blogger, despite the official recommendations asking Australians to stay in their homes, most of Sydney’s inhabitants got on with things as usual. He claims to have seen people out jogging and dropping their children off at school just like every morning.

Date created : 2009-09-25