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Iran's attitude on nuclear issues worries bloggers

Video by FRANCE 24

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2009-09-28

In this edition: Bloggers debate the tense relations between Iran and the international community; and US healthcare reform is still one of the most popular topics on the web.

Iran fires missiles

Iran has once again defied the international community. Despite the warning made by the US, France and the UK to Teheran concerning its nuclear programme, the Islamic Republic launched several missiles during a military exercise on Sunday. The web reacts.

The US site, claims it has established technical documentation about the missiles launched this weekend including the mid-range, Shahab-1. The missiles have the potential to hit Israel and American bases in the Persian Gulf.

On Twitter, users question the consequences of these trials and the missile launches to come. This net user speculates about a possible third world war in Iran. And this female blogger wonders what the international community is waiting for before it will step in.

Others question whether Iran will become another Iraq. This video, available on points out that the Iranian Government does nothing to hide its anti-Americanism and that the country could potentially become is a time bomb.

However, some on the web pay tribute to that fact that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not to give in to the West’s demands. The montage in this clip attempts to show that, contrary to belief, the Iranian head of state is not isolated on the international stage and in fact has much support.

USA: Healthcare reform

In the US, the battle between opponents and supporters of Barack Obama’s healthcare reform is continuing to cause heated debate. The fight is taking place principally online.

On the White House’s website, the American President has posted this video which provides a 4 minute summary of his reform. The purpose of the video is to inform and curb rumours and false information circulating about the reforms.

Some have chosen to see the funny side of the subject, such as these comedians who mock the reform’s detractors. This ironic video, available on the site, ‘funny or die’, explains that Obama’s plan is dangerous because it puts at risk the thousands of dollars of profit pocketed by US insurance companies thanks to the current system.

And this video goes even further. Severely injured US citizens without access to healthcare assert with irony that the healthcare reform is not urgent and that they can wait.

Some Republicans feel that the reform will never come to fruition, such as the author of this animation, which shows Barack Obama ringing the death knell of his bill.

And this American man uses a song to invite fellow citizens to be wary of Obamacare. In this cover of a 1960’s classic, he says that if the reform is voted in, the sick will spend more time waiting for their doctor than being treated.

Oh My Gore

Horror fans can now be safe in the knowledge that they are not alone on the web. As its name suggests, ‘Oh my Gore’ is entirely devoted to horror film news. It contains the latest film reviews, news, interviews with the genres’ film stars, trailers, and posters. Horror fans will be in their element.

Be Funky

This site gives you the opportunity to transform your portrait into a cartoon strip image. Be invites net users to use the models available on the site to transform a photo of their choice. Be also allows you to post your new images directly to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Video Of The Day

Here is the video currently creating an online buzz. It is a film created with stop motion technology by two artists who specialise in this technique, Blu and David Ellis. The video shows a gigantic painting coming to life on the walls of a building before moving to different parts of the town. This is a particularly successful piece of work, and it is quite simply breathtaking.

Date created : 2009-09-28