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The Brazilian net celebrates Olympics win

Latest update : 2009-10-05

In this edition: Brazil is at fever pitch. Following the 2014 Football World Cup, the country will now also host the 2016 Olympic Games. Thousands of Cariocas are celebrating Brazil’s nomination. And the net echoes this jubilation.

As the first South American country to host the Olympic Games, Brazil has expressed its eagerness and pride. Many amateur videos appeared on share sites. Images in which we see Brazilians in raptures over their country’s victory.


And this photographer posted an original 360 degree photomontage online, showing the sea of people on Copacabana beach, waiting for the announcement by the Olympic Committee.


A victory for Rio, who faced considerable adversaries including Madrid and Chicago. Net users are savouring the moment and are making their opinions known. Several videos mock the American defeat.


And Rio’s candidacy had widely mobilised the local blogosphere. Apart form the official videos broadcast on share sites, many net users have created patriotic montages like this one, as a sign of their support of the Brazilian city.


Meanwhile, for many Twitter users, it is not wise to spend too long celebrating as the challenges faced by Rio are considerable. Problems such as city policy, transformation of slums into real neighbourhoods and safety reinforcement must be addressed by 2016 according to net users.




In Ukraine, candidates have already begun their campaigns for the January 2010 Presidential elections. However, they will not be officially nominated until October 20. Meanwhile, local net users examine the pre-election efforts made by future candidates.


Among them is Ioulia Timochenko, at the head of the polls. This blogger has posted online a video of the concert organised by the Prime Minister in Kiev, at the very symbolic Independence Square, where thousands of protesters gathered during the 2004 Orange Revolution.


The pro-Russian Victor Yanukovitch, one of the main candidates in the running and former rival to the current President, Ioutchenko in 2004, is not being outdone. In this video broadcast online, he claims to be ready to listen to all, the young, old and farmers and ready to help everyone. A slogan mocked by this blogger who compares him to a 1980’s singer.


But Yanukovitch is without his former campaign manager. The ex banker, Serhiy Tyhipko, one of Ukraine’s richest men, is running his own campaign. His slogan in this video broadcast on the web is: we deserve to live in a rich nation.


Meanwhile, candidate’s comments are scrutinized online. A Ukrainian information site has launched an interactive project. The aim is to establish the level of credibility of words uttered by male and female politicians in the running. It is then up to net users to vote.


Finally, This Ukrainian business man reacts on his blog. He criticises the candidates who all claim in their speeches to be sure of victory and he calls for deeper political debate.


Six students are creating an online buzz. Members of the Dude Perfect group, these six basket ball players have posted online two videos of what is described as the ‘longest basket in the history of the sport’, after already posting many videos of highly impressive baskets. And the six Dude Perfects have undertaken to sponsor children via the association, Compassion International. A child will receive a donation for every 100,000 clicks.


Over 35,000 billion dollars- the equivalent of 70 % of the world’s riches produced in a year. This is the sum of debt accumulated by all of the planet’s states. This figure sits above the public debt clock posted online by The Economist. Each second, the clock counts the sum of public debt country by country.


Here is the video which everyone is currently discussing on share sites. It shows a little boy in pull-up nappies wiggling his hips to the video of US singer, Beyoncé. A simple choreography that has made thousands of net users smile.



Date created : 2009-10-05