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Bomb attack on Milan barracks injures two

Text by News Wires

Latest update : 2009-10-12

Italian police say a man hurled an explosive device at an army barracks in the northern city of Milan on Monday, injuring himself and a soldier. According to local media, the alleged attacker is a 35-year-old Libyan national.

AFP - A policeman and an alleged attacker were wounded in a bomb explosion outside a police barracks in the northern Italian city of Milan Monday, police said.
The attacker, who allegedly threw a rudimentary explosive device, was "in a serious condition" with a hand injury and was being treated in hospital, a police source told AFP.
Media reports said the man was a 35-year-old Libyan national. The chief of the Perrucchetti barracks, Colonel Valentino De Simone, moved however to deny reports the attacker had shouted "Out of Afghanistan!" moments before the bomb exploded.
Italy has 3,250 troops in Afghanistan.
Investigators said witnesses had heard the attacker shout several words in Arabic as he tried to enter the barracks.
The other casualty was a carabinieri military policeman, who was lightly hurt by glass shards from a window in his sentry box, ANSA news agency said.
The injured policeman, aged 23, was briefing investigating officers on the attack, it added.
Television channel Sky TG-24 said the explosive was "rudimentary and fairly weak." An AFP photographer said the barracks appeared undamaged.

Date created : 2009-10-12