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Latest update : 2009-10-13

The web against Rawalpindi's attack in Pakistan

In this edition: The attack by the Pakistani Taliban on the army in Rawalpindi arouses reaction from the local blogosphere; American Indians use the net to denounce racism and discrimination; and American star, Miley Cyrus bids farewell to Twitter.


The Pakistani Taliban, linked to Al Qaida has claimed responsibility for the attack followed by a hostage taking at the head quarters of Pakistani Army high command this week-end. The attack claimed the lives of eight soldiers, three hostages and a further eight attackers. A drama followed closely online.
Many blogs such as this, monitored developments in the hostage situation. Held by Islamist militants, forty two hostages were released on Sunday after a twenty two hour ordeal. After following the events, this blogger considers that the country has lost its dignity and calls for a crackdown.
The same opinion is held by this Pakistani man who expresses his despair and anger. He posted on line a gory photo to increase knowledge of the disaster amongst net users.
Meanwhile the army is attempting to regain the upper hand. It is redirecting net users to its PR department which displays photos of terrorists killed during the attack.
On Sunday it also began posting videos on its Youtube channel praising its members, such as this one, glorifying the territorial guards.
But it is the short term future which worries bloggers, as a wave of attacks rattles the country. This blogger explains that the US financial aid scheme provoked anger amongst the people who feel colonised. And according to him, this is damaging relations between the civil and military powers. A situation which jeopardises the country’s stability.


In the United States, some of the two and a half million American Indian descendants feel that their community still falls victim to racism and discrimination on a regular basis. Something which is causing some American Indians to mobilise and react online.
Several videos available on the web, such as these retrace the history of the American Indians, while denouncing the unfair treatment they still receive today.
Young American Indians have posted this video online to attempt to dispel stereotypes which describe them as ‘savages’.
This female blogger explains that modern American culture regularly mocks symbols and other sacred American Indian images, particularly in the domain of sport. She asserts that members of this community consider it humiliating.
A point of view shared by these American Indians, who bear testimony on a site entitled, ‘I am not a mascot’.
Meanwhile, calls for greater equality are multiplying online. This video pays homage to the campaigners who struggle each day to raise awareness about the American Indian’s cause.


The company Internet Eyes are offering to make good use of the millions of surveillance cameras in the UK and pay net users to track down crimes. Attempted theft or acts of vandalism, each report of suspicious behaviour will be rewarded and net users can expect to earn up to 1,000 Euros per month. Individual freedom defence associations are already denouncing possible abuses of this system.
Just a few weeks before the world release of the film-documentary, ‘This Is It’, fans of Michael Jackson have invaded his official site to listen to the song bearing the same name. Written over fifteen years ago, the song was posted on line on Monday, becoming one of Twitter’s most popular subject’s of discussion.
Teenage superstar, Miley Cyrus recently closed her Twitter account to the dismay of the million fans who were subscribed to it. In this video which has been a hit on the Web since it appeared on Friday, she gives a musical explanation, declaring that she decided to stop mini-messaging because she could no longer bear the fact that gossip magazines were using her tweets to pad out their articles.





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