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Rape as a weapon of war: How to stop impunity in eastern Congo? (part 2)

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Rape as a weapon of war: How to stop impunity in eastern Congo?

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Exiled family returns to Somaliland

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Latest update : 2009-10-28

Net users denounce water needs in Palestine

Amnesty international accuses Israel of depriving Palestine of water and mobilises net users; the web stands divided over Barack Obama’s planned education reform; and net users are invited to ask questions to Nobel Prize winners on Youtube.

Amnesty International is accusing Israel of denying Palestine water. In this video broadcast on its site, the organisation denounces the restricted access to drinking water imposed by the Hebrew State in the west bank and the Gaza strip.
And on line, many videos testify to the water shortage. A crisis which, for many, has reached critical levels, despite Israeli water tank deliveries, like here in Ramallah.
“We fill two buckets but what then? It’s not enough for the entire village!”
The problem is particularly serious now, as highlighted by this blogger, because a section of the drainage system was damaged during the Gaza war. As a result most of the water available in Palestine is now unfit for human consumption.

NGO’s are mobilising to supply the regions and particularly the Palestinian territories where the need is greatest. Here a convoy of water tankers is escorted by Tsahal across a barren landscape.

US researchers have set up a site to show, with help from an interactive map in particular, that water is one of the major factors in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Bill Gates is supporting Barack Obama’s school system reform. The Head of State obtained from Congress the power to earmark 5 billion dollars for the scheme. The Gates foundation will donate a further 250,000 dollars to each candidate state for the federal reform. Online, net users are divided.

 This blogger is concerned by the fact that the reform envisages to pay teachers based on student’s results and to fire the weakest among them. He feels this will not resolve the problem and will overload other teachers.

This opinion is echoed on the site of this retired professor. He feels teachers are not fully responsible for student’s difficulties. He is also critical of the administration’s desire to close failing schools.

 In this video, broadcast on Youtube he urges Obama to grant him one of the five billion dollars allocated to the scheme. He wishes to use the money to lead a more thorough reform than the version put forward by the Government.
However, despite the dissonant voices, heard online, many applaud Obama’s continued efforts in the domain. Here the former Republican Governor, Jeb Bush offers his support to a reform of which he had already implemented certain principles in Florida during his term in office.

 And this blogger expresses optimism. He feels that despite the mobilisation of teachers’ unions, the reform may well be brought to fruition next year.


Ask a question to a Nobel Prize winner! Youtube has launched a new channel via which net users can ask questions to winners of the prestigious award. This initiative begins with NASA researcher, John Mather. Mather received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2006 for his contribution to the origin of the universe and in particular the Big Bang theory. Net users are asked to publish their questions in a video lasting less than thirty seconds before October 30.


Commercial flights tweet and post messages on Facebook and Twitter! The airline Lufthansa has set up a new type of service. MySkyStatus automatically displays the current position of your flight on Twitter and Facebook so that your friends can keep track of your flight! You just need to enter the airline with which you are travelling as well as your flight number and the date.

This net user decided to compile several videos of children appearing on the web to create this original music video. A hit entitled ‘Beat the baby’, which is currently circulating on share sites.


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