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Iraq's Christians - Nowhere to Run? (part 2)

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Iraq's Christians - Nowhere to Run?

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Towards a "Third Intifada"?

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What solutions for California's overcrowded prisons?

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Gaza conflict: Palestinians mark sombre Eid

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Celebrities in the Israel-Gaza crossfire

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Israeli strike takes out Gaza power station

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French newspaper apologises for Sarkozy story

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Last-ditch talks aim to avert Argentina default

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Latest update : 2009-10-30

Opposition in Iran continues online combat

In this edition: the Iranian opposition pursues its online combat; in Uruguay, the web speculates on the possible outcome of the upcoming second round of presidential elections; and Madonna launches a donation appeal for Malawi.


While in Iranian courts sentencing multiplies, the families of imprisoned opponents met on Wednesday in front of the public prosecutor’s office in Teheran. The aim being to request the release of their loved ones, arrested during the unrest which followed the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A movement widely broadcast on line.

Several net users express their fears concerning the terms of imprisonment and state of health of some political prisoners. Among them, the academic Mohammed Maleki, aged 76, who is suffering from prostate cancer, and who is thought to be in need of urgent treatment.

And the opposition continues to denounce an electoral coup d’état. Blogs and share sites are submerged with messages calling for respect for democracy and human rights in the country. Here we see photos of graffiti on the walls of Teheran posted online.

Online protest which was echoed at Teheran University, as shown by these videos filmed on Tuesday. Students protested against the coercive measures imposed in their establishment. Their slogan being ‘death to the dictator’.

And via Facebook and Youtube, opponents express their determination to continue their combat. They call for a new day of mobilisation on November 4.


In Uruguay, after the first round of the Presidential elections, the two candidates now left in the running are preparing for the 2nd round, set for November 29. On one side former guerrilla fighter, José Mujica, aged 74 and on the other, Luis Lacalle, from the right wing opposition party. The web examines the favourite- Mujica.

This blogger recalls that when the results were announced, Mujica, who had obtained most votes, seemed unhappier than his opponent, who was seemingly pleased.

This Uruguayan man recalls that the left wing candidate was expecting to win in the first round. Pepe Mujica benefited from support from the outgoing President and the Government’s propaganda machine, according to the blogger.

On the web, several campaign videos are circulating to rally electors. This net user mocks the candidate, describing him as a potential dictator. In this parodic video, which copies a scene from Star Wars, Darth Vader calls on his army to mobilise for Pepe Mujica, subject to retaliation.

Meanwhile, this blogger remarks that everything is still to play for. He feels that the outgoing President, who supports Mujica, has lost the confidence of the most left wing electors, who are disappointed by his moderate politics. But he has also scared off moderate electors by choosing a candidate supported by the communist party.


The dating site, Beautiful People, dedicated to attractive people, launched a world wide version this week. To register, net users must send in a photo and be voted for by members, who then decide if the person has a physique worthy of joining the community. The site already has 180,000 beautiful members. A project which aims for a jet set reputation, but which angers some, who accuse it of superficiality.


It looks like a virtual cemetery. And for good reason. The Apple Times Capsule Memorial lists all the brand’s external hard disks which have ‘died’ prematurely. Most of these white boxes seem to die about eighteen months after their purchase date. To evaluate the extent of the phenomenon, the Memorial invites victims of the problem to register their serial number, purchase date and ‘death’ of the hard disk. The site already has 440 graves.


Madonna has launched an appeal on Youtube. The aim being to obtain funds for her association, ‘serving Malawi’, which finances different development schemes in the country, such as school constructions. The star explains that for each donation, she will match the sum.



2014-07-30 prisons

Celebrities in the Israel-Gaza crossfire

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Web users show solidarity with Iraqi Christians

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NSA targets 'Tor' network users

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Web users call for peace in Gaza

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Teen slammed for taking smiling selfie at Auschwitz

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