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Jewellery, a lucrative and rapidly growing sector of the fashion and luxury market

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Decision makers in Deauville: The 10th annual Women’s Forum

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Somalian president

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Nigeria: Reports of ceasefire between government and Boko Haram

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Latest update : 2009-11-05

Criticism on web over Obama first year

In this edition: a year after his election to the White House, Obamania seems to be diminishing slowly but surely and online comments over the trial of former President of the Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karazic.






A real blow for Barack Obama, a year after his election to the White House. His party has lost the election for the post of Governor in the states of Virginia and New Jersey. A double setback which is a bad omen for the mid-mandate elections set for next year. And on line, Obamania also seems to be diminishing slowly but surely.
It is now his detractors who are the most active online. The President is targeted by countless satirical videos such as this one, which accuses him of being a closet dictator.
Other prefer to use music to attack Obama. This Republican net user presents him as a sweet talker with no political competence.
And it is above all over the health care reform that the US President is the most criticised. Using videos posted on Youtube, his adversaries attempt to bring down the project, which is one of the major preoccupations of the Obama Presidency. 
Nevertheless, Obama can always count on his supporters to defend his reform. The White House has organised a video competition which has generated interest from thousands of net users.
Many Americans are still hoping to see change arrive. And on Twitter, many have reiterated their support for Barack Obama, while calling for patience.
The President’s promises are however now waiting to be put to the test. The site, Politifact lists over 500 commitments and keeps net users up to date about any developments. Around fifty promises have already been kept.
On Tuesday, the former President of the Bosnian Serbs, Radovan Karadzic, appeared for the first time before the International Criminal Court in the Hague, where his trial for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity began last week. Karadzic boycotted the first days, claiming he had not had enough time to prepare his defence. Online comments are numerous.
On Twitter, most users are very pleased to see Karadzic finally appearing before the judges. Many messages such as this these, quickly appeared and call for the man to be punished for his crimes.
Several photo montages such as these, paying tribute to the victims of the Srebrenica massacre, where nearly 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed, are also circulating on share sites. A massacre listed as one of the crimes for which Karadzic has been charged with genocide.
This French blogger criticises the attitude of the former President, who, he feels, is doing all he can to call a halt to the proper functioning of the trial. He asserts that Karadzic is playing the victim in the affair, something he judges intolerable.
But Karadzic’s supporters are also present online and many are speaking out. Several Facebook groups have appeared to call for the release of the man they consider to be a hero of the Serb cause. And a petition denouncing a travesty of justice is also circulating on the web.
Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court site is filled with information concerning the trial. A site on which it is also possible to follow the defence speeches.
If you like entertaining, then this is the site for you. offers advice to net users on how to prepare the perfect dinner. It includes a personal diary, recipe ideas, table decoration and etiquette; you will know all there is to know about being an exceptional host. And as a bonus, you will also find gift ideas to offer if you are invited to someone’s house for dinner.
This US channel, HBO is offering an original creation, HBO Imagine, to help develop user’s imaginations. The site invites you to watch a series of short films, which can be read at different levels. You need to watch them several times and at different angles to know the end of the story. As well as short films you can also explore additional content to help you understand the scene even better.
How do you destroy an alcohol bottle warehouse and cause over 110,000 Euros of damage in just a few seconds? Simply by following the example of this Russian forklift truck operator, who, after losing control of his vehicle, rammed into a shelf filled with alcohol crates, causing hundred of boxes to tumble down. Luckily, although the accident was spectacular, no-one was injured.




2014-10-20 Social Media

Video tackles prejudice towards West African as Ebola spreads

In this edition: West Africans stigmatised as Ebola spreads; a display mannequin sparks outrage in New Zealand; and snowboarding champ Shaun White in a stunning skateboard display.

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2014-10-18 energy

Energy guzzlers: Harnessing data centers' consumption

Residents in La Courneuve on the outskirts of Paris have serious concerns about the data centre built opposite their homes two years ago. We find out why.

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2014-10-17 USA

Web users show support for Dallas nurse with Ebola

In this edition: online support for the American nurse suffering from Ebola; a massive Euro-wide police operation sparks fierce criticism; and an incredible surfing display.

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2014-10-16 North Korea

Where was Kim Jong-un? Web users investigate

In this edition: Online rumours are rife after Kim Jong-un makes his first public appearance in over a month; an Australian supermarket chain at the centre of lively debate; and...

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2014-10-15 India

Prime Minister Modi launches 'Clean India' campaign

In this edition: India’s prime minister launches the 'My Clean India' campaign; British stars join the fight to end violence against women; and a daredevil base jumper parachutes...

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