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Latest update : 2009-11-05

Los Angeles, a marijuana smokers' heaven

With close to 1000 dispensaries offering diverse strains of medical marijuana, and just as many doctors willing to hand out prescriptions for the drug, Los Angeles has quickly become a marijuana smoker's heaven.

President Obama recently asked federal agents not to waste their time, nor taxpayers' money, on prosecuting marijuana dispensaries and their patients who are in compliance with their state's laws.

In 1996, California approved the “Compassionate Act”, legalising the use of medical marijuana to treat certain ailments, such as insomnia, nausea, depression, arthritis, or other long term illnesses. It also allows for patients to grow a certain quantity of their own pot, but not to sale for profit.

Since then, over the past ten years, California has become the largest pot grower in the Western world. And hundreds of dispensaries opened up across the State to deliver the drug to patients. In LA for instance, the Los Angeles Times has counted up to 1000 dispensaries - five times the number of coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Two years ago the city tried to impose a moratorium in order to halt this phenomenon, but lawyers found a loophole and hundreds of new dispensaries jumped the band wagon.

Strapped for cash, and in the face of one its worst financial crises, the city is also caught up in a legal quagmire over medical marijuana. But city officials refuse to give up, and they say they’re working on a new ordinance which should help them shut many of the new dispensaries outlets.

By Gallagher Fenwick



2017-03-30 Europe

Under EU rules, asylum seekers may be uprooted a second time

An estimated 22,000 asylum seekers currently in France are in a situation of legal limbo. They are deemed eligible to apply for asylum in the EU - but under what's known as the...

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2017-03-29 Europe

Italy: Anti-establishment mayor of Rome faces grim reality of power

Rome's first female mayor, Virginia Raggi, was hailed as a breath of fresh air when she swept to election victory on a wave of anti-establishment sentiment in June 2016. The Five...

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2017-03-28 Europe

Video: Putin building bridge from annexed Crimea to mainland Russia

It's been three years since Vladimir Putin signed off on Russia's annexation of Crimea - a unilateral act which landed Moscow with a wave of sanctions from Europe and the United...

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2017-03-27 Marine Le Pen

French presidential election: What attracts young voters to the far right?

The first round of France's presidential election is less than a month away and one thing seems clear: far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is set to reach the second...

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2017-03-24 French Presidential Elections 2017

French Catholic voters remain faithful to scandal-hit Fillon

French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon is a practicing Catholic. In a book which kicked off his presidential bid, he wrote an entire chapter about his faith....

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