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Women in the workforce: IMF says closing the gender gap makes economic sense

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Latest update : 2009-11-05

Los Angeles, a marijuana smokers' heaven

With close to 1000 dispensaries offering diverse strains of medical marijuana, and just as many doctors willing to hand out prescriptions for the drug, Los Angeles has quickly become a marijuana smoker's heaven.

President Obama recently asked federal agents not to waste their time, nor taxpayers' money, on prosecuting marijuana dispensaries and their patients who are in compliance with their state's laws.

In 1996, California approved the “Compassionate Act”, legalising the use of medical marijuana to treat certain ailments, such as insomnia, nausea, depression, arthritis, or other long term illnesses. It also allows for patients to grow a certain quantity of their own pot, but not to sale for profit.

Since then, over the past ten years, California has become the largest pot grower in the Western world. And hundreds of dispensaries opened up across the State to deliver the drug to patients. In LA for instance, the Los Angeles Times has counted up to 1000 dispensaries - five times the number of coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Two years ago the city tried to impose a moratorium in order to halt this phenomenon, but lawyers found a loophole and hundreds of new dispensaries jumped the band wagon.

Strapped for cash, and in the face of one its worst financial crises, the city is also caught up in a legal quagmire over medical marijuana. But city officials refuse to give up, and they say they’re working on a new ordinance which should help them shut many of the new dispensaries outlets.

By Gallagher Fenwick



2015-02-27 Qatar

Qatar's unofficial motto: To attract at all costs

Qatar is one of the smallest countries in the world and its citizens are among the richest on the planet. Qataris often make it into the headlines for buying up football clubs...

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2015-02-26 poverty

India: Anti-corruption party vows to end Delhi's 'VIP culture'

India's Common Man's Party, or AAP, has won a stunning victory in the latest Delhi state elections. The movement was only created a year and a half ago, and its aims are simple: ...

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2015-02-25 refugees

Australia 'resettles' asylum seekers in Cambodia

They left behind war and poverty to seek asylum in Australia, but instead thousands of would-be refugees from countries such as Iraq, Syria and Burma are being sent back across...

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2015-02-24 Morocco

Tackling underage marriage in Morocco

In Morocco, child marriages have been banned since 2004. But due to a legal loophole, officials say tens of thousands of girls are married every year before the age of 18. The...

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2015-02-23 Islamic State (IS) group

Combating the allure of jihad in Jordan

In this edition we head to Jordan, where a lot of money is being invested in the hope of preventing disillusioned youth from joining jihadist groups. According to a poll by the...

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