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Latest update : 2009-11-20

Spanish farmers hard hit by credit crisis

The agricultural sector has been particularly hard hit by the credit crisis. FRANCE 24 takes a closer look and reports from Spain, where farmers are set to stage a strike this Friday in protest at plunging prices.

From Madrid, France 24 correspondent Sarah Morris explains the upcoming strike in Spain.

Spanish farmers say Spain's agricultural sector is in a state of bankruptcy, and have gone so far as to say that it’s the “worst crisis ever”. For the first time, the three main farmer’s unions have joined forces to call for a nationwide stoppage on November 20th, to be followed by a rally to protest the low producer prices that are forcing many of them out of business. They are urging the government to set up a rescue plan for the sector, and they want this package to include minimum prices indexed to costs.


According to official data, they have been squeezed by a 26-percent drop in real income between 2003 and 2008 and a hike in costs of 34.3 percent, which has added 124,000 to Spain's already growing dole queues. Farm-gate prices have also collapsed in the past year and now no longer cover estimated costs. Our reporters met Paco, a 61 year-old farmer, who's now selling at a loss.



2017-02-24 France

France: Migrants offered financial incentives to return home

France is one of several countries in Europe that offer financial incentives to migrants who agree to go back home. The system is seen as one way of dealing with the migrant...

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2017-02-23 Middle East

Arms race: Delegations eye lucrative deals at Abu Dhabi military fair

The world's largest military fair is wrapping up in the United Arab Emirates. The IDEX exhibition attracts mainly African, Arab and Asian officials who are shopping for weapons....

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2017-02-22 Africa

#BringBackOurInternet: English-speaking Cameroon hit by digital blackout

Since mid-January, minority English-speaking regions of Cameroon have had their internet access cut off. These regions have seen anti-government protests in recent months, and...

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2017-02-21 Europe

Migrant crisis: How Italy is training Libyan coast guards

In a bid to crack down on human trafficking in the Mediterranean, the European Union and Libya are working together. As part of the EU's operation Sophia, officers in the Libyan...

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2017-02-20 Americas

North Dakota: Sioux tribe stands firm against pipeline project

In the US state of North Dakota, members of the Sioux tribe of Standing Rock have been defying oil companies and authorities for several months. They want them to scrap a plan...

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