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The World This Week - 29 August 2014

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#TECH 24

Changing the world, one video game at a time

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Latest update : 2009-12-09

The Net opposes Swiss minaret ban

Today on the Net, Swiss net users call for the vote banning minarets to be annulled. In Indonesia, the sentencing of a net user for slander causes a wave of solidarity. And hamsters play in a jazz group.

Key Swiss figures are envisaging a new referendum, with the aim of annulling the ban on the construction of additional minarets voted one week ago in the Confederation. One lawyer has decided to refer the matter to the European Court of Human Rights. Net users have also been expressing their indignation in recent days.
Facebook group have continued to multiply in number. Anti ‘Antiminarets’, ‘solidarity with Muslims’ and ‘For a tolerant Switzerland’. The thousands of members all share the same point of view.

A feeling of shame also expressed by the dozens of petitions currently circulating. Net users declare that they voted No and are calling for the vote to be annulled.
Several video blogs are also protesting about the situation. This female blogger uses music to criticise the creeping Islamophobia.

On Youtube, videos mocking the vote are numerous. This Swiss film maker denounces the generalisations it reveals and protests against what he describes as a vote which violates human rights.
This video makes use of an advert for Swiss sweets. A muezzin has a hoarse voice and eats one of the sweets in his minaret. A policeman then arrives and reminds him that it was the Swiss who invented the sweets and that minarets are forbidden.


This is Prita Mulyasari
, a woman currently capturing the attention of the entire Indonesian blogosphere. Sentenced to pay a fine of more than 20,000 dollars to a private hospital, she was taken to court for slander by the establishment. The cause being the circulation of this email, in which the thirty two year old complains about the quality of service supplied by the hospital.
For many net users campaigning in her favour, the decision is unfair. This video was made at the time of her arrest in May. The mother of two spent nearly one month behind bars prior to being formally charged.
And to demonstrate their support for the young woman, Indonesian net users are asked to display this banner on their site or blog.

Mobilisation echoed on Facebook. Several support groups, such as this one now exist. Its 300,000 members use the platform to call for respect for freedom of expression.

And calls for donations are multiplying on the net to help Prita pay her fine. A coin collection campaign has been organised across the country. This interactive map shows the different collection centres in Jakarta and Bandung. A campaign which is already a resounding success as it has gathered over 1,000 dollars in just three days.

A vast information campaign against pornographic sites has been launched in China. The Government is offering up to 1,000 Euros to each net user denouncing a site with content judged obscene. The authorities have set up a telephone hotline as well as a website to this end. China has already imposed the installation of anti-pornography software on all computers sold in the country. This new initiative therefore worries supporters of a free internet, who fear the possible abuses of such a measure.


Tiger Woods’ perfect image has taken a serious blow since the start of the scandal surrounding the revelation of his supposed mistresses. Bad behaviour which has net users talking. This game questions the possible reasons behind the golfer’s car accident last Friday. The accident was supposedly caused by an argument with his wife and the aim of the game is therefore to escape his fury.

Hamsters fed up of their cages don’t only spin in their wheels. They can also form jazz groups. This is in fact a viral campaign, orchestrated by a mineral water brand which presents itself as a source of inspiration for all of its drinkers.


By Electron Libre



2014-08-28 Social Media

'Ice Bucket Challenge' angers anti-abortion activists

In this edition: the "Ice Bucket Challenge" angers anti-abortion activists; web users in Spain show support for a rape victim; and a tribute to Ghostbusters... in Lego.

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2014-08-27 Social Media

India: journalist launches "Rice Bucket Challenge"

In this edition: an Indian journalist launches the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’; Egypt’s tips to the US police force spark debate; and two kayakers hurtle down a drainage ditch.

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2014-08-25 Social Media

Russian aid convoy: Mission accomplished?

In this edition: the Russian aid convoy in Ukraine divides online opinion; Chinese stars targeted by Beijing’s anti-drugs campaign; and a diver swims with a shoal of manta rays.

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2014-08-26 Social Media

Actor Orlando Jones lauches 'Bullet Bucket Challenge'

In this edition: actor Orlando Jones launches the “Bullet Bucket Challenge” to denounce police brutality; India's Finance Minister sparks an online outcry; and a man racing his...

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2014-08-22 Social Media

'Doubtfire Face', the web's new suicide prevention campaign

In this edition: Net users step up to a new challenge to combat suicide; a tweet by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani causes controversy; and a time-lapse sequence of air traffic...

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