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Macron-Putin: "a frank exchange"

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Mending Strained Ties: French President Macron hosts Putin at Versailles Palace (part 2)

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Mending Strained Ties: French President Macron hosts Putin at Versailles Palace (part 1)

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Cannes 2017: 'The Square', Sofia Coppola and Joaquin Phoenix take top prizes

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The violinist of Venezuela's protests; and France's dying bees

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Famine used as a weapon of war in South Sudan

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Let's talk Africa-Asia partnerships (part 2)

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Let's talk Africa-Asia partnerships (part 1)

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British Airways IT debacle could cost the airline big

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2009-12-15

Berlusconi-run press links attack to “general climate of hatred”

INTERNATIONAL PRESS REVIEW: This morning’s “Il Giornale” runs a front-page cartoon featuring a Constitutional Court judge throwing the infamous Il Duomo statue at a beleaguered Silvio Berlusconi.

Il Giornale, a right-leaning Italian daily run by Berlusconi’s brother, is clearly doing everything it can to link Sunday’s souvenir-attack on the Prime Minister to a broader ‘conspiracy’ against him. A front page cartoon features a judge from the Constitutional Court throwing the same church souvenir from Sunday’s incident in the direction of Berlusconi. The implication is that the injuries suffered by the Prime Minister are part of a broader campaign against him that includes the Constitutional Court’s recent decision to abolish Berlusconi’s immunity from prosecution.

The Guardian quotes Berlusconi’s doctor who claims the Italian PM had said he was expecting such an attack given the “climate of hatred”.

Other stories in today’s international papers:

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China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks

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Cameron’s lead cut to single digits for the first time in a year





2017-05-29 Angela Merkel

Is this the end of the Western post-war order?

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Mon. 29.05.17: US newspapers are in shock after German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe can no longer "completely depend on allies". Meanwhile,...

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2017-05-29 Russia

Putin 'gets the tsar treatment' as he meets Macron in Versailles

FRENCH PAPERS - Mon. 29.05.17: French President Emmanuel Macron faces his latest diplomatic test as he meets Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Versailles, says Libération....

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2017-05-26 G7

Uncertainty hangs over G7 summit as Trump wraps up foreign trip

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 26.05.17: As the G7 summit gets underway in Italy, US President Donald Trump brings "uncertainty and risk", The Guardian argues. Leaders are unlikely...

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2017-05-26 France

Trump's handshake battle with Macron goes viral

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 26.05.17: There's "a holiday feeling" in France, as temperatures rise across the country, Le Courrier Picard reports. Thousands headed to beaches on Baie de...

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2017-05-25 NATO

Donald Trump meets Emmanuel Macron: Can they get on?

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 25.05.17: British police believe the Manchester bomber was just a "mule" who was part of a larger network. Libération asks whether this network could...

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