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Breaking stereotypes

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Galaxy S5 v. HTC One (M8): Which is the right one for you?

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New PM Manuel Valls outlines priorities

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Jean-Marc Loubier, bags and shoes.

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Hip-hop musician Beat Assailant on mixing the sounds of the city

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Latest update : 2009-12-15

Berlusconi attack causes numerous online reactions

In this edition: the attack on Silvio Berlusconi causes numerous reactions online and inspires a handful of mischievous web users. In Iran, a vast solidarity movement is appearing on the web to denounce last week’s arrest of student activist, Majid Tavakoli.


On Sunday evening Silvio Berlusconi was attacked while mingling with the crowd outside a meeting in Milan. Hit on the face, he was hospitalised with a broken nose and two shattered teeth. An incident causing numerous online reactions.
On Facebook, nearly 400,000 net users have mobilised to support the Italian PM and to condemn this act of violence.
But the attacker, Massimo Tartaglia, is also being hailed as a hero by Berlusconi’s opponents. The page of the forty two year old, treated for psychiatric problems for the last ten years, has over 60,000 fans.
A net user even put together this video to sing the praises of the new idol of the Italian web.
And some are even making appeals on social networks for the man who hit the Italian Prime Minister to be beatified.
An attack which inspired a handful of mischievous net users to retouch these photos to show what they consider to be Silvio Berlusconi’s new smile.
Finally, a game developed hastily appeared online after the incident. The aim being to bombard Berlusconi’s face with replicas of Italian monuments, such as the Tower of Pisa. 
A vast solidarity movement is appearing on the Iranian web to denounce last week’s arrest of student activist, Majid Tavakoli, during anti- Government protests. He is accused notably of wearing a hijab to escape the authorities. The local blogosphere is calling for his immediate release.
Many videos offering support quickly appeared on share sites. Here for example, we see men wearing the Islamic veil to mock the absurdity of the accusations made by the authorities. Their message being, ‘we are all Majid’.
However, to certify its version of the story, the Iranian Government posted online this video of a speech made by Tavakoli, filmed at last weeks protests, as well as these pictures of the man wearing a hijab.
Falsified images according to many Iranians, who claim the authorities invented every element of the story. Some, like this blogger, decided to alter the portrait of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to denounce what he considers to be a farcical conspiracy.
Meanwhile, this NGO, present in the country, is critical of Majid’s conditions of arrest. It reports that according to many eye-witnesses, the activist was severely beaten by the security forces when he was apprehended and that he was probably subjected to torture.
Want to know the net’s most memorable event of July 2005 or what people were talking about on April 8, 2007 online? There’s nothing simpler! To celebrate its fifth birthday, the community site has posted online an interactive calendar allowing users to go back in time and rediscover which were the most popular pages amongst readers. An impressive feat offering access to over 18,000 links and articles published on the web between 2005 and today.
Cheese & Burger is a site created by the cheese industry in Wisconsin, USA, to promote their products. Around thirty fact files with different recipes are available online to allow net users to make the most delicious cheese burgers at home.
What do you do when your baby is throwing a tantrum and won’t sleep? This father seems to have found the answer: get into the crib alongside the baby to give him a cuddle. But as shown by this video, he doesn’t seem to be out of the woods just yet!





2014-04-17 terrorism

Nigerian web users call for end to violence

In this edition: Nigerian web users call for an end to violence; a video of a toddler smoking marijuana sparks massive outrage; and a web user adds some excitement to pro golf...

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2014-04-16 Internet

Chile: online mobilization to help Valparaiso fire victims

In this edition: online mobilization in Chile to help victims of the Valparaiso fire; the selfie craze spreads to drivers; and DC Comics releases a video celebrating 75 years of...

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2014-04-15 Internet

Another Google Glass wearer attacked in San Francisco

In this edition: another Google Glass wearer attacked in San Francisco; Moroccan web users campaign against the “Tcharmil” phenomenon; and a dad films his daughter every week...

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2014-04-14 USA

Controversy flares as Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board

In this edition: heated online debate as Condoleezza Rice joins the Dropbox board; an online campaign promoting agriculture in Africa; and a new “trick shot” video from the team...

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2014-04-12 technology

Netexplo forum: discover emerging trends in digital society

The Paris Netexplo forum showcases new and emerging trends in digital technology. Every year, 200 experts gather to discuss the promising global innovators of today and designate...

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