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Populist takeover: Italy approves unprecedented coalition

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Young Nicaraguans lead protests against President Ortega

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Music show: Opera singer Lawrence Brownlee, Snow Patrol & Natalie Prass

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EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn: 'Either we import stability, or we export instability'

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From Italy to Cyprus via Hungary: A look back at key events in Europe

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US-China trade war is 'on hold'

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#TECH 24

Is GDPR a good thing for EU tech companies?

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'The internet is like water, we need to help children understand how to swim'

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Horse massacres in Iran, fake news turning deadly in India, and Ivory Coast's drought

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Latest update : 2009-12-17

Guffaws in British press over UMP campaign song

INTERNATIONAL PRESS REVIEW: This morning’s The Independent reports on the UMP’s much-ridiculed campaign song, “Changer le monde”.

The idea was to give the party a fresher, more dynamic image ahead of regional elections in March, but the UMP Party’s cover of 1970s hit “Changer le Monde” has drawn widespread ridicule.

The video features French ministers jiving along to the music with appalling lip-syncing added in for good measure. The Independent says even former ministers in the ruling UMP party have poured scorn on this exercise in naff-ness. Luc Ferry said it made him “want to vomit” while Yves Jego remarked, “Honestly, I think it was a mistake.” Here’s the clip so you can judge for yourselves!

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2018-05-21 Venezuela

'A totally legitimate election free of fraud': Bolivarian News

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro maintains his hold on power. He is calling for a "great national dialogue" to secure a "permanent victory". We look at Venezuelan...

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2018-05-18 royal wedding

'How to accept a compliment'

IIN THE PAPERS – Friday, May 18: With just one day to go, we take a look at how the press is covering the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We also find out...

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2018-05-18 British Royal Family

'Go ahead, Americans, enjoy the royal wedding'

IN THE PAPERS - Friday May 18: We find out how the US press is covering the start of the second year of the Russia investigation. We also look at how the experimental Ebola...

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2018-05-17 Internet

Team Yanny or Team Laurel? Audio clip leaves internet stumped

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, May 17: We look at reactions from North Korea and the US over threats by Pyongyang to cancel an upcoming summit. Is it all a bluff? Also, the Venezuelan...

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2018-05-16 Crimea

Aisle be there (not)! Meghan Markle's dad can't attend royal wedding after all

IN THE PAPERS - Wednesday, May 16: We look at reactions to a new Russian bridge connecting it with Crimea. Burundians vote on a constitutional referendum seeking to extend the...

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