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South Africa: Taking a stand against child marriage

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The Future of the Book (part 2)

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France 24’s best documentaries of 2014

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'We have to build a new Tunisia', says the president of the Tunisian Parliament

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France on alert after attacks: a case of collective hysteria?

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'Beijing needs to revaluate its policy in the Tibetan areas', says FM of the Tibetan government-in-exile

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Latest update : 2009-12-22

Who is to blame for travel chaos?

French Press Review: Almost all of the national papers in France lead with the break-down of rail services locally, nationally and internationally in the past few days.

Train services have been interrupted across France in the past few days but the business paper La Tribune is most concerned by the fall-out of cancelled Eurostar trains between London and Paris. It asks some tough questions. Why have passengers been so badly informed about cancellations? Why didn’t Eurostar organize alternative transport for its customers? Why are they being compensated less than for the average flight cancellation?

Left-leaning paper, Libération, is more understanding. Nicolas Sarkozy summoned the head of SNCF yesterday to ask for an explanation for the travel chaos but the editorial says the weather is largely to blame. Ships have been kept in port, planes have been grounded and snow has stopped trains from leaving the station. Even the best technology can’t get around bad weather, the paper insists.

SNCF has taken out a full-page ad in most of the daily papers to explain (but not apologise for!) the chaos.

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2014-12-24 Christmas

François Hollande's Christmas wish list

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 24.12.14: French papers focus on the traditional Christmas scandal: should nativity scenes be allowed in public spaces in secular France? Also, Slate...

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2014-12-23 terrorism

10 'ambush gifts' NOT to give your children this Christmas

FRENCH PAPERS - Tues. 23.12.14: French papers focus the city of Nantes. Last night, a van ran into Christmas shoppers injuring several people. This comes after a similar incident...

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2014-12-23 North Korea

Would a (hypothetical) US cyber attack on North Korea be legal?

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Tues. 23.12.14: The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House is considering an array of options against North Korea in response to that alleged...

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2014-12-22 Tunisia

The 'world’s unluckiest man' turns misfortune into a golden opportunity

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS: Mon. 22.12.14: Papers focus on Tunisia’s first free Presidential election, the fatal shooting of two police officers in New York City on Saturday and a tale...

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2014-12-22 Socialist Party (France)

Better not get sick this Christmas!

FRENCH PAPERS - Mon. 22.12.14: A major Doctor’s strike is kicking off today and set to last until December 31st. Le Parisien warns readers not to get sick during the Christmas...

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