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#TECH 24

Energy Observer: The world's first hydrogen-powered boat

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French women speak out about sexual harassment, but what happens next?

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The best winter exhibitions

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#THE 51%

Shortage of male heirs leads many Japanese families to adopt adult men

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Death of an icon: Remembering fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa

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Black Friday deals: Are they really worth it?

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Video: Is Trump slamming door on Muslims' American Dream?

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Did Grace Mugabe's rise cause her husband’s downfall?

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'When it comes to violence against women, the time to act is now'

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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-01-30

A look back at the year passed

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the highs and very lows of the last 12 months in France. We remember the 2,000 French nationals - like Clothilde Rice - being held against their will abroad. And we have a special report on Afghan asylum seekers in Paris.



2017-11-17 wine

France raises a glass to tourism

As it does every autumn, France is celebrating the arrival of the "Beaujolais nouveau" this week. It's a good excuse for a glass of red wine and a party, although not usually a...

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2017-11-10 university

Studying abroad: Why foreign students choose France

This week we're at the Cité Universitaire on the southern edge of Paris, to learn why France is one of the top destinations for students from around the world. The quality of...

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2017-11-03 physics

Marie Curie's legacy: How her discoveries still apply today

France's Marie Curie is the only woman to have won two Nobel prizes, for her research on physics and radioactivity. Her work revolutionised everything from medicine to...

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2017-10-27 France

The story behind social housing in France

In France, some 10 million people live in HLMs or "habitations à loyer modéré": subsidised homes for those whose income is below a certain level. By law, at least 20% of housing...

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2017-10-13 traffic

Paris, the city of love, lights and... traffic jams

The French capital may be known as the city of lights, but for many who live here it’s also the city of "embouteillages", or traffic jams. And that's nothing new. Cars first...

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